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  1. you mean something is seized in front end ?
  2. was just wandering because this would indicate bad gas or gummed up carb as most others have pointed out its either gas or electrical related
  3. just out of curiosity has the bike been sitting around for a while ?
  4. hi and welcome to this great site lots of good people here ready to help you out
  5. good morning too all from montreal,canada no snow yet and really don't want any
  6. sounds like a belt to me also let us know one way or another if that fixes the problem
  7. although the Chinese machines are getting better i would stick with a good used reputable machine the quality of parts is much better and less prone to break downs
  8. Don't overlook the obvious make sure your battery has at least 12.5 volts to begin with and of course as others have pointed out loose or corroded cables
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