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  2. A work in progress
  3. Does anyone have some experience with this model? Seems motor may not have passed the tests or held up very well for this beast of a machine. Not sure but parts are limited. One way or another this one will rise again and get a little mud on the tires....Thanks in advance for your knowledge should you care to share!
  4. Finding it difficult to locate some of the parts. Looking for a decent used cylinder OEM# 3085851, then new piston and rings to fit. Anyone have this model ATV that could share the good, bad, or ugly of this model would be greatly appreciated. I picked it up cheap with a blown head gasket so havn't even rode it yet. Thanks in advancer
  5. I saw your question yesterday and came across this just now. I think it depends on the quality you prefer when the paint is dry. https://www.polyvance.com/atvpainting.php
  6. Just signed up with quadcrazy. I have a Suzuki Kingquad and just got a 1999 Polaris Sportsman 335 4x4 and this one was partially torn apart then left outside to collect water, dirt, acorns, etc. I hope to strip it down then resurrect and bring it back to life. Im sure I will need help along the way, so talk to you all soon. Parrish

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