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  2. ok if you have any troubles let me know and il do what i can.
  3. make sure your tank not clogged or your brake line hasnt clapsed internaly check your brake pads maybe worn out and your calipher may be fully extended as well as your rotor.
  4. did you losein the four bolts on your swing arm and roletate your axle forward ajust your slack while your sitting on the bike if you dont the chain will be to tight when you mount your bike resulting in streaching your chain and sproket wear before its time.
  5. speed shifting can cause damage to cluthes and most of all damage to your clucth basket notch wear breaking of clutch basket ears if done repeatedly bent shifting forks it wont shift because clutches cant float/slide inside the basket.
  6. sounds likre the carrier bearning is out and causing the axle to run in a angle the fuild is water that sucked in over time
  7. check master cylinder inner rubber brake line could be calapsed calipher could be maxed out due to wornin padds or worin rotor most of the time its the slave cylinder.
  8. its gonna cost more then 300 dollars an excust pipe is more then that i preffer a trinty drag pipe it comes with a new header and pipe for 400 a good chain is about 80-120 dallars rear hubs usealy start around 150 and a oem battery is around 120.
  9. it may vere do to the chain being on the let side low tire pressure bearing carrier being out the way you are setting on the seat. tread tire wear differnt size tires in height and in wideth
  10. it can be serveal things tie rods out of wack bent sterring stem or a wropped frame mitch matched tires on beenng taller then the other.
  11. the round container you see is the fractory tool box the the tube you are talking about is a vent to releave the crank case pressure and recirulates the air back into the air intake boot alot of people will disconnect this and replce it with a small micro filter that can be bought at oreilys auto parts do not leave open drit and grimm will result in engine damage. it suggested to jet most carbs with after market pipes dealing with air/fuel and back pressure that is needed to make any motor to run.
  12. my bike has out run 400s 450rs 350 banshees and 450yfzs 700 raptors and chevy pickups.
  13. check your master cylinder and check your brake pads if they worn bad the calipher is maxed out and wont apply the brakes plus your brake rotor can be worn.
  14. check your master cylinder but also check your brake pad thickness the best place to order your parts from that found out is to buy from motorsport .com.
  15. no it wont it can give your bike more launch power but make your bike run slower in mph it will make your bike wheelie more your gear ratio will be differnt for every tooth you take off the front sprocket you will lose 3 teeth off the rear srocket your oem is a 15 -38 hondas biggest rear sproket is a 42 i would go with a 14-42 thts what i run on my bikebut my motor has been upgraded 4mil crank 460 big bore kit with astage 2 hot cam and a 38-42 electron carb on a open are box actualy the air box has been removed and added a k/n air filter but remember the more jetting done to your carb the more air is required.
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  17. check your intake boot for dry rot cracks and pin holes will cause this and check choke pistion check and make sure the choke is not closing when reve the motor.
  18. i would change it at least 4 times a year.

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