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  1. hi, i had a friend that changed air filter to k&n and caused the same problem.you may be getting to much or not enough air.hope it helps.rick
  2. i would start with new battery.and continue with other suggestions.rick
  3. i cant find if they if will interchange or not,but i did find they had a frame change 9/1/01.id say if yours was made after 9/1/01,it should work.id call polaris to be sure.good luck rick
  4. hey sounds like right bearing to me.not much it could be.good luck rick
  5. hey,thats not bad.they sold for around 7500 to 8500.and thats with out extras.they seem to be a very good atv.a friend of mine has a 05,and the only thing is he has replaced battery and tires.good luck rick
  6. does any one know if the ft.diffs has the same gear raito?ty rick

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