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  1. well. Big topic with a lot to loose, Knowing where you started and where you are is a biggie anywhere. on water or land, and its all about how much you like to spend and how your going to power it. I do not like using a phone as it is a phone not a mapping device. Phone dies and your all done, no way to replace a battery or any other part. but it is a great back up. I like using my old car GPS with a RAM mount. has everything I like to play with. We also use a tablet with a RAM mount in the Black Hills. USB power is there on the bike and we also use the tablet to control our Sony Action Cam. We were able to get a chip for our Garmin for the trails in the New England area and that was great. So many options and what is getting lost overnight worth ?
  2. I also have a yama 4 but an 200. had same problem. I replaced the gas valve in the tank. rebuilt the carb reworked the choke and it has been a champ since. I do not run it much as it is like my little old toy from the 80's
  3. I have a 86 Moto 4 . There is a fuel valve just under the tank. May be that simple.
  4. We have 3 Quads 1986 Yamaha moto 200 , Fun little toy to bounce around on. 2013 Arctic cat 700 TRV , that is my bike. Used for trail and hunting with. 2015 Arctic cat Prowler 700 , My wife ride. used when she wants to get out and see mother nature. We also Have a Polar 1200 trailer to get pulled by the fleet, Use that alot to do trail and yard work. and give the dogs rides in.
  5. Well I have plowed snow with almost every thing out there. I think you can not beat a snowblower. No Back and forth, It Piles it the best it can, No lawn damage & smaller to store in the garage. Just open the door and go......As far for the size I like the 700"s area. Enough power to do most jobs and not get in trouble. The 1000's are fast and can not stop quick, People get crazy with the power and speed. It is true the 500's are good for most but you can not add power to it later. We just bought a new sxs and a snowblower on the same day. The blower was just about as much as your blade for the machine. The winch is a must in my book along with front and rear bumper's. Plastic cost too much not to do it. I also have a trailer from polar that take up to 1200 pounds and I would not go without that with a ball mount on the hitch, no pin as it limits the flex.
  6. Very Nice. Like the data on the side of the video. What did you use for a cam ?
  7. Real Short, I have a Arctic cat 2 up ( two person ATV , one seat front and rear Connected ) I would not go any other way Personally. My wife have a Arctic cat Prowler SxS ( 2 Passenger Side by side ) It is bulky to me but each machine has it's own place in the market. I use mine for hunting and trail riding. We use hers to ride trails to get out to see what we see.
  8. I am not one to buy used machines anywhere but from a dealer. If your new to this dealer support is a huge thing.
  9. wjb228


  10. I have been using basic Garmin auto and handheld on our quads and even the boat. For most part they work well and get you back to your starting point. We have the Ram 1 inch ball mount and that works real well. I use the ram mount to hold our Sony Action Cam and the Phone to monitor the picture. We also use a spot satellite tracking device on a ram mount. During our trip to SD Black Hills I have seen people using a tablet there, So we downloaded the trail map for there on our old Samsung tablet and that worked great. Another trip to NH we were looking at the bikes using the fishing plotter on the bike from Lowrance, it was cool but lots of cash and bulky. I have a 7 inch lowrance on the boat and was thing of moving it around but it would need a bigger ram ball and just not worth the added cost. I do not ride in deep enough water with the quad that I also need to find the fish.

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