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 A lot of  "what ifs"  to  go with  electric trucks and quads, especially if you're 200 miles in the bush. " Quad  charges off the truck".... Great .. But how do you  charge the truck if you're out on an extended stay ? Can  both be reasonably  charged using a small to  medium 110 - 220v light plant of about  2 -3,000w ?

To me , that quad is an  ugly  no go. 2wd and chain driven at that doesn't  cut it in my  book. Nope on the design  on that "truck"  too.

I can see  an electric 4x4 truck, but I would also  like to  see one with a built in  gas powered genset to  be able to recharge the batteries when way out in the boonies. It wouldn't need to be  a fast  charge ,  just one  that could recharge it over a day with ability  to restore at least 100 miles of its capacity in that time .

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I was disappointed to see the chain rather than shaft. Hope the fenders are "ding-proof". What if this thing goes through a deep puddle or gets submerged in water, is it fried? Battery compartment better be water tight. Would love to see a parts/component diagram of the ATV.

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   It amazes me they didn't do a better job designing it.  A few years ago i went to look at and nearly bought an e-force electric atv, it looked a regular 4 wheeler, had a direct drive motor to axle, no chain, front and rear racks. I wish i could have bought it but the price was up there at the time.    Tesla has done many great things but this ATV needs a driveshaft, 4WD and hopefully better looks.  A lot of people where i live have lifted electric golf karts and they do great on the farm, but naturally you have to pack a generator for any long trail rides. 

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On 11/24/2019 at 9:06 AM, Frank Angerano said:

Sick! All I could think about is how cool that would be as a hunting atv  to quietly ride to your tree stand.  

I have 2 mufflers on my atv and now that the engine is quiet, you'd be surprised how loud the geartrain and tires are.  The ticking valves, intake pulses through the carb and various pieces of plastic slapping together are really prominent now that the exhaust is silent.

I too can't wait for an electric atv, but I think it's going to be louder than we had hoped.

On 11/24/2019 at 11:31 AM, Laval said:

After a week in the bush with no access to electricity one might be wishing he still had his gasser. 

That reminds me when my battery died on my gasser which left me stranded on top of a mountain.  I had to walk 2 hours back to camp to get a new battery which I had brought to power radios n stuff.  Some irony there lol.

The 250ex cannot be started unless it's in neutral, so no way to pushstart it down a hill.  There is also no recoil or kicker.  When the battery dies, you're done.


But you're right.... I wouldn't take an electric quad out in the bush without at least 2 extra batteries and probably an extra controller.  Heck, I wouldn't take a gasser in the bush without extra batteries, gas, and tools.


One redeeming attribute of electric is the potential to charge it via portable solar panel.  It would be slow, but at least there would be hope of eventually making it out.  Running out of gas in a gasser leaves one with no recourse.

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