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Good im not crazy and i can read. yes the big red 250es was a bull and very tough. But I like the more sporty feeling of the sx just can not kill either of thost things. The eariler non suspension atc's were very tough also but haveing a little bit of suspension is the only way to go if you are going to put any miles on normal trails without killing yourself. They were fine when i was about 17 but the back cant take much more than a few trips around the lawn these days.

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by the way any one know of any good atc salvage shops or good references to get parts other than ebay?????????????

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How are We going to decide what the Toughest is.....????? I think your picking the SX because of Suspension.....Everyone knows that the Big Red will out work the SX and the SX will out Play Red....What it boils down to at the end of the day is Which you would rather be pulling your Ford LTD back home with Billy...l:laugh:

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I went for all around. That and I know where 4 250 SX's site that have been used as work horse since new. By the way its a International Scout.

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ATC90-110 series definitely. they are EVERYWHERE

I have seen so many running WITHOUT oil I stopped counting years ago.

they do run better WITH oil of course, but I have seen these beaten SO badly it is enuf to make one weep. In fact I have a parts bike in the garage! a US90 no less. Somebody welded a whole new front end on it, there were NO parts inside the brake drum which explains why the brakes didnt work and the chain was so dry it took 2 people to push it. NO OIL in it of course but it started right up!

I think I'll try and resurrect it! with fresh oil it has compression!


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Im going to say just about any of the Honda ATC's are the toughest (especially the 85-86yrs).

I started out with a 185s with no suspension. That puppy was a tank. It took everything I threw at it. We also had another 185s with front suspension, a 200s, and a 200m. All of them were tough as nails. Ive owned my 85 350X for 20yrs now and the only maintenance I ever done to it (besides regular maintenance) was replacing the rear carrier three years ago. It came apart while I was riding and it got clogged with coal dirt and gravel. I put it back together by hand (no field tools) and I rode it ten miles back to my truck. Needless to say the rear was destroyed inside. But, it got me back to the truck!!!! Not bad for never touching the rear for 22yrs of its life!!!

My brother has a 85 200X and 250SX. He also has a 86 350X. All the bikes needed some maintenance after he bought them. But now they run like champs!!!

Ive also heard from many ATV mechanics that Honda ATVs run forever!! I agree. But I will say this, regular maintenance and care will extend the life of any ATV.

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