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I was just wondering there was a poll sometime back but I wanted more of a dicussion about wearing helmets. I believe that helmets should be worn. The only time I don't wear one is moving from the truck to a place to hunt or if we are just riding slow for a scenic trail ride on gravel road. I would like to hear other peoples thoughts. I noticed a lot of people in the video section not wearing helmets and just wondered. :radar:

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My kids and I always wear our helmets, and we don't do much more than put-put on gravel fire roads... My husband wears his except for loading and unloading from the trailer... I may make him start wearing it for that too, after the last trip when he flipped a quad going down the ramp unloading! I can't tell my kids to do something I won't do... JMHO

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I think that was the only post about helmets. This is a great topic because so many people do not wear helmets and I'm to be blamed also on ocassion. I ride a utility so "putting" around the trails I'm not going crazy and feel pretty safe. If the riding gets a bit faster or rougher, I'm wearing a helmet. Riding fast in the snow or open field, I'm wearing a helmet.

I good buddy of mine was "putting" around with me a year ago where we had to go through a creek to get to the other side of the trail. Going through the creek wasn't bad but you had to come up and then make a sharp right slightly up a hill to come around the bend, to get back on the trail. It's a bit of a pain in the as* but do-able for an experienced rider. This is the only way across the creek at this spot. So my buddy was in front of me and attempted the climb and turn when coming out of the creaak. On the right turn, the quad rolled on him, pushed him over, down some rocks and the quad almost hit him. He hit is head on a rock. He, luckily is the type of guy who wears his helmet.

We now look back and think...you can be going real slow and still have an accident. I think it's very important to wear some sort of head protection.

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I didn't know about that thread I was refering to a poll asking if you wear your helmet. I want to thank everyone who has replied though. I know things can happen really quickly. I was talking to a guy at a Promise Keepers convention last year that lost his eye while working on his trike. I can't remember what he was doing but I wouldn't have thought in a million years that it would have caused him to lose his eye. It sure has made me think about safety more and he wasn't even riding. It just goes to show you never know what can happen.

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