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  1. It's the bendix sticking. Disassemble and replace if gears are damaged or lube it up and free it if they are not
  2. is there one for the 2004 500 (ATP)? Is the Sportsman the same as I couldn't get that DL to work. Thanks! Never mind....found a working link. Thanks Ox.
  3. I am looking at buying a 04 Sportsman (the ATP) model and I noticed when checking out the bike that there is some slop in both front axles. Not directly in the u-joint but where the yolk exits the transfer case there is some play. There is no leakage of fluids but I am wondering if it's normal to have some amount of play here? The bike has 1600 miles on it.
  4. Hole in the piston. Broken crank would have likely made much more smashing clatter noise when it first died. Price out a new piston, rings, gasket set and possibly plan for a new (or good used) head.
  5. These are finicky old buggers to start around the zero or + 5 celcius range aren't they? Anything warmer doesn't seem too bad but cold and the old Kodiak seem to disagree.
  6. Ok. I may have fixed this in the laziest way possible. Since my shop was still cold, I gave it a short blast of starting fluid to get it to fire up. Ran good once warmed up. Then I seafoamed the carb and tank. Dumped some in the tank and also did the seafoam spray and wait into the carb. Things now seem to work better. Bike will start when cold. Likely the starting circuit in the carb gummed up. Had a bit of a smoke show with the seafoam going through it. Not as much as I thought.
  7. I purchased my kodiak earlier this winter. It was a being stored in a heated shop however when I went to pick it up, it was sitting outside in -20 and the throttle was froze shut. The bike seemed very clean with no mud on it so perhaps the PO washed it before storing it and some moisture got in the cable. My shop is unheated but in an effort to get it going, I made a little tarp tent and stuck a construction heater under it. Throttle cable came free and the bike started up an ran fine. 2 months later the bike is just sitting in my shop not being used. The throttle still freezes shut when
  8. Sounds like a wise decision to pass on that one.
  9. yeh. Its my first quad. Wanted something budget friendly and unmolested. Plastics all in good shape. I'll post some pics in the Yamaha thread when I bring it home.
  10. Hello folks. Long overdue update. I didn't want to bother splitting the case so the bike sat torn apart in my shop all summer. Found somebody looking for a parts bike so I sold it. Feeling like I never got to scratch that quad itch, I found a 1999 kodiak 400 and I'll be bringing it home in a few days. It's ready to ride. Just a few minor things need fixing in the future.
  11. OK....another update. Torn apart all the clutch components. No dice there either. Now have the tranny apart, the clutch apart and the engine out on the floor. Looks like I have to go in deep:aargh: From what I can tell on parts fiches, its the balancer drive gear. When I turn the drive axle, it catches here and there, skips, jamps, etc. So with the tranny all out, the clutch all out, only makes sense that it would be in the worst possible spot to get at. I guess this means splitting the case. Perhaps I'll move this thread.
  12. Hey folks. Been having forum issues of late and can't access any pages or I can just get one page into the site and it locks up. Anyway, an update of sorts. I was able to start the bike on the weekend. Hadn't heard it running before I bought it. The noise that the PO said was an issue was noticeable as soon as I started up the bike. With in running (in neutral) I could hear a clattery sounding gear like noise. I shut the bike off right away so as not to cause any more possible damage. I took apart the middle gear (no issues) and also the transmission on the left side of the motor.

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