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    • Usually its the first Sunday in October, all dependent on the landowners. Mike  
    • well i plan on keeping my current set of rims and tires and just use them during the winter only so i will still have to get a set of rims.  The plan is to use car street tires because of cost and the availability of such as compared to the price and availability of dot atv tires. Street tires are avail new and used all day long and cheap and i have our tire groover  in the stock car trailer. My interest is in someone who has already done this and their opinions of the on road manners of said vehicle and any down sides to such. I can pick up  14in alum and steel rims and the junk yard here in town but cross referencing only shows an rx7 as having the matching bolt pattern so adapter/spacers to a more common pattern would be better, honda or ford rims
    • 11 years @Ajmboy !!!!! Quadcrazy OG!  Thats great.  I feel like I missed out on a lot not knowing that all this stuff still existed Into my older years. Then marriage, kids etc. But having said that if it weren’t for my oldest boy saying hey can we get a used bike and fix it up I don’t think I would have gotten back into it! Let alone enjoy it so much and have the bikes we have. But the funny thing here is your right!  At a certain age the latest and greatest doesn’t do it for me. Doing for the kids and family does ! Watching the kids enjoy riding and building bikes with my oldest and seeing him do his thing it’s all worth it. The games, sports, gadgets etc!   So from a Christmas list stand point the list I love the most are the Christmas 🎄 lists that I get from my kids all 3 🥴!   Giving them the latest and greatest makes me happy. For me I am  happy with what i have built around me more then anything I could want.  Great post!  11 years????? Dam ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻  
    • You don’t  need to change the rims.   There are a lot of people currenty doing this.  The tires are available  on a few sites including amazon. 
    • I would take it off the bike and open the bowl up to expose the float.  Hook up a clean hose to the gas line on the carb and blow into it and manually raise the float up until the air flow stops.  If it travels to far up before the air stops then adjust the tab on the float up a bit.   If it does not close off at all  then that’s a float needle and seat issue that may be no longer good as there is a small rubber tip on the float needle or may have been caused by using the other jet kit from the Chinese carb.  Try and put the old one back or order an oem jet and seal kit from amazon for $20 bucks.