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    • Well. From your pics. It looks like the p/o removed the entire front half of the 4wd. To start, I would buy the front axles, differential, & the drive shaft that connects to the trans. Would you happen to know if the 4wd engages Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
    • Cataclean doesn't always work and if there is an underlying issue it will not solve your problem. But, its a cheap "worth a try". What are the codes that came up? 
    • 2011 Crown Vic here with 305k miles, and today my engine light comes on. Scan at the local Advanced comes up with 4 codes on the cat converter. Guy says I need to get something called Cataclean and run it through the gas tank to correct the problem. Is it worth doing this...will it make the engine run better or get better gas mileage? Should I use Cataclean or some other product to get this done?
    • found out the motor isnt locked up- shifter was slipping because the side cover was off and not holding the linkage in place.  The clutch hasnt changed, just seems like theres nothing there when you pull the handle.  I'm in AL and brought it with me to get my friend to weld the muffler back together (it broke somehow)  and it needs a battery.  So i cleaned the carb, and put the engine back together (honed the cylinder and put the piston and rings form that big bear (same engine) in it and jumped it, makes 70psi compression!   so my main issue now it the clutch seems like theres nothing behind it.  not sure whats wrong.  the arm is good, the cable it good, the inside (actual clutch itself) didnt look to be jammed, worn, or stuck...not sure whats wrong with it.
    • Guy i bought it from said it is 4wd just needed a few parts. not sure which ones. Help.

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