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    • ...Also, the way I read it, the CDI will function as long as it has a ground, AC from the stator and a pulse from the pickup, as long as the yellow/black wire is open.  The kill switch and the key will both ground the yellow/black if in the off position.  I've tested this and it all seems right.  Also, now I'm getting a spark every now and then, usually when I just start the starter or when I just let off.  Continuous cranking yields no spark.  I swapped the coil and CDI from the good one again tonight, no luck.     thanks
    • Ok thanks,  Stator not shorted to ground, fuse is good, (starter works).  I tested the ground side of the kill switch but not the hot side, but I don't think the starter turns with the switch off.  Also, it's a 1995 model, I don't see where the CDI actually gets any power,  I tested my good bike and I don't have 12V anywhere on the CDI with the key on.  I'll keep probing....  thanks for the input!!    
    • Nothing worse then waiting for parts! Here is a topic on differential fluids.            https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-equipment/atv-and-utv/sport/synthetic-atv-utv-transmission-and-differential-fluid/?zo=34396
    • The wait is on for parts to arrive that I ordered.  Man I hate waiting for parts.  Any answer to my earlier question on what fluid to use to refill rear gear box?
    • It could have been the way the boot just sits in there that makes is looked cocked. Before you tighten up the new boot just be sure to take a look and see how the shaft and U joints line up.  As far as the O rings in the bevel gear housing if they aren’t leaking you can let them be but that’s up to you.  The rear seal I have a feeling is just worn so when you get the new one measure or compare them.  See how they match up this way you have an answer. If they are the same size then you have to start looking elsewhere for why that seal is slipping out. 

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