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Forum Moderator Positions Available


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We have forum moderator positions available and are looking to bring a few people onboard and add to the current mod team, to help oversee these forums and keep them moving.

The requirements to be a moderator in these forums are:

1. You must visit and spend time looking over the forums at the very least once every 2 days by logging into this site. Once a day is preferable. An occasional missed day is fine. If you are gone or will be gone for more than 3 days, a message should be posted for our moderating team.

2. An open mind, calm attitude, mediator mentality, and complete professionalism is required.

3. You may not be a forum moderator on any other site at the same time.

More details and moderator handbook provided.

If you are interested or would like to nominate someone, please post a reply in this thread. Please include availibility, past experiences, interests, and any info that you feel would make you a good forum moderator.

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Dream Car Giveaway
Since my meds have changed and I am far more familiar with the site, you might consider giving me another chance. You gave Buck Billy a second chance right?

I am far more mellow now. If you don't want me I'll understand. paul:wink:

I am definately happy to see that you are more comfortable with the layout. Your expertise and contributions have always been great. Thanks for stepping up, we will mark you down as a candidate as with rocky_mtn_honda. :yes:

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Well, I am sure you would make a good addition, I am one who ceartainly understands the difficulties that life can throw at you and the time that they can consume. I know we have lost a several moderators over the last several months, we could definately use some more folks who can give good technichal advise, I know I would like to see more feedback for members who are looking for such help. If you feel that you can add some help there, I would fully suppport giving you a chance. Maybe Admin and QC will see things the same way.

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  • 4 months later...

Re-opening this topic. We have a couple of moderator positions available if anyone is interested. Please reply to this thread.

Current and past activity levels within the forum will be looked at when determining candidates.

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QUADCRAZY Moderator Guidelines

A few main things that we expect from our moderating team:

1. Make sure that no spam is posted. Move it into the Mod Lounge. Report the spammers.

2. Make sure that threads are in the correct forum, move them if they are not. Ensure thread titles are descriptive.

3. Rename thread titles (manufacturer forums specifically) to add more detail if needed, to enhance searches. Make sure full atv info is posted.

4. Add threads, posts, and content to stimulate a thread if needed. Start new threads and help existing threads move along.

5. When moving threads - please choose expiring redirect (pick 2 weeks), this will reduce clutter and give enough time for that thread to be found.

6. Before deleting threads - Unless a thread is a complete duplicate (and has no posts attached/replied), move it into the mod lounge for a second opinion.


We expect our moderators to log in at least once every two days. Once a day is preferable, but not realistic for most people. If you will not be here for more than 3 days, you should notify us. Absence for more than a week with no notice, will result in your removal from the position without notice. You may be reinstated by staff but no promises. No notice will be given, you will be replaced.

* We reserve the right to make exceptions.

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