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Hello Peeps,

Sorry i was gone a few days my wife had eye surgery, she is doing fine.:yes: They had to fix her lazy eye.

All is well now and im back.:biggrin:

Glad your wifes ok Bio :yes:My wife had some laser surgery on her eyes last year and discovered that I wasn`t the young good lookin stud she thought I was :laugh:I`m trying to get the surgery reversed :laugh:

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Double vision is a pain, I hope that gets better for her. I got flash burn so bad at work that I was seeing double out of my right eye for two days, I had to close that eye so I could see clearly. Please let the mrs. know I feel for her, I can't imagine how much it would suck to have that go on for so long.

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      The studs in the sprocket hub are stripped out. The hub is probably walloed out also. Probably will have to have a new sprocket hub. I doubt I have the ability nor the tools needed for this job. Thanks for all suggestions/opinions! 

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      Hey all, from SW Virginia here. I just picked up a '01 Bombardier Quest 650 on the cheap (seller couldn't get it to start). After correctly plumbing the fuel pump (new pump the prior owner installed but had the hoses going backwards lol) and cleaning the carb and fuel tank, repaired all the batt - and batt+ connections she lives!!  I had swore to the wife unit I wouldn't be dragging another "project" home but I couldn't pass it up, it had new tires, new starter, new fuel pump and low hrs. All's good after she took it for a ride! 😆 It rides like a tank, very stable and tons of power.
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      Does anyone  know how to repair the gauges on these bikes? It's a well know problem. What component goes out in the display to render them useless? Anyone use a universal  one on their bike since the factory ones are so expensive?
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      Just bought a non-running 425 Magnum 6x6. Guy said previous owner had motor rebuilt (3 years ago or so.) It reportedly ran great but recently the electric start began failing and he put a new recoil on it which he broke immediately.
      I get it home and put a new recoil on it and the pull is incredibly hard....so much so that I think I'm going to break the new recoil assembly. I also installed a new starter which won't roll it over either.
      I'm thinking maybe a hydro-locked situation so I pull the plug and the motor rolls over fine with both pull start and electric start. The cylinder was dry however.
      Checked the valve lash and it was right on at .0006".
      Checked the compression relief spring on the end of the cam and the spring was strong and keeps the metal piece against the dowel like it should. The cam lobes look good from what I can see.
      I have a small camera that I dropped into the cylinder. Could t get a pic of the entire chamber because of the angled engine but there are marks on the center piston and a couple of grooves once side of the piston top. I will include the photo.
      Anyway....I'm at a total loss at this point. Not sure how to proceed and diagnose. Would sure appreciate anyone's help who might know what the heck is going on! I was able to get it to turn over about 5 times with electric start with compression tester installed which read 145 lbs. I don't know what else to do!
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      Does anyone know what year they stopped producing the King Quad 300? - particularly in Australia and New Zealand 
      What were the design changes?
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