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    I'm a cat man myself, but my backup is an 83 185s. Can't beat a machine that fires up on one pull even after sitting for a long while.
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    these are the Volkswagen Beatles of the ATV's!! 2020 pic below and my 1991 same size engine,turned around,shaft drive,electric start,rear drum brakes?...wtf!! twice as much as mine $$$$$ in 1991...and more heavier! If I was serious (and not 55 yrs. old) about getting A brand new quad....I'd look at Yamaha Rapter 7000! sure it's $9000. but it was more than twice as much FUN than Honda's little 250!
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    I don’t know much but it looks like Honda’s doing pretty good on this topic ????? 😂
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    had my Honda sine new in 1991 road hard...but never put to bed wet!
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    dont have much experience with arctic cat... i think they are wayyy underrated atvs. personal fav of polaris and arctic cat. next prolly yamaha and canam. my only issue with polaris is i wish they would put some spunkier clutches in their bikes, and please forget the engine braking!! engine braking is the only thing that bothers me.. but also nice- had a friend that let his calipers wear out (didnt ever replace brake shoes) and still drove his 500 around with no brakes. im into the bigger quads (500cc+) and in my opinion honda just cant keep up with a cvt tranny. on the other hand, i have two hondas which dont run, and two (one as of yesterday) that ALWAYS ran after the initial fix up when i bought them. have a friend that hates his 2012 recon 250 as hes had problems out of everything front to rear. and he was a honda hugger too. same story with me. i loved honda till i tried polaris and never looked back
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    I have always owned Arctic Cats, but if I had to choose a different brand it would be Honda. Being with an ATV club for years now, the most issues we see with machines on club rides are Polaris. Exceptions are those who don't maintain their machine, then it doesn't matter the brand, you will eventually have a breakdown. Mike
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