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November 2009 ATV Video Contest


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November 2009 ATV Video Contest

Sponsored By:


Theme: "Best Video" with your ATV, 3 wheeler, or UTV.

* Video MUST be uploaded to QUADCRAZY here.

* Your video should not be longer than 4 minutes.

* Your post entry must include the video url page and a description of your video.

* One video per entry.

Prize: ATV&SXS Illustrated and UTV OffRoad Magazine Subscriptions

Please visit our sponsors: ATV&SXS Illustrated and UTV OffRoad Magazine

Rules: Submit your "Best Video" with your ATV, 3 wheeler, or UTV video by entering it with a post, into this thread. One entry per member allowed, so make sure your entry is a winner. Video can be of yourself or taken by you. You may not submit a video that you do not have ownership of or permission to use. Any violation of these terms will result in disqualification.

3 ways to get your video to QUADCRAZY:

1. You can upload a video from your pc here.

2. Import it from sites like YouTube, if it is there...click here.

3. Have your video stream from another site...click here.

Then take the url of the page that your video is on, and enter it with a post into this thread...along with a description of your video. just copy and paste the url.

* If you run into issue uploading your video, please contact us at [email protected], we will help you.

*By entering this contest, you allow QUADCRAZY the right to use your video for marketing purposes, ex. Front page advertisements, banners, etc.

Last day to enter a video is November 26th.

Voting will take place for the last 4 days of November to determine the winner.

Voting will end November 30th and the winner will be announced!

Good Luck!

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my post doesnt have the video screen. is it going to work for the contest like that or do i have to fix it? i thought i did it right ,but computer guy i am not. help.

Corrected. The issue is that we need to fix the url link in the player box to be identified by this forum when posting (to automatically throw it into a video box). Right now, if you just copy and paste the url from the address bar, it works fine in any thread.

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This is in Florence Or.

Trike Fest 07....Not the Best Video....I didnt bring the Helmet cam on this trip....So Had to Shoot what I could of people playing around....The Trike in the water is the White and Red 250R running around...He dried it out and it ran like a top....:yes:

Dont shoot the Camera Man!!!!!

Trike Fest Rampage 07

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Added your video that you uploaded to this site (contest rules) :wink:

Oh, also December 2009 is the last release of QUAD Magazine. We might want to change the prizes...

Good point..we were not aware of that...I think they are substitutting with another mag..not sure though.

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Oh, also December 2009 is the last release of QUAD Magazine. We might want to change the prizes...

Prize has been changed to ATV&SXS Illustrated


When adding your contest entry, please add the link of the page where you uploaded it to this site, as per the contest rules. The video will automatically embed itself inside your post. We have corrected existing entries as needed.

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OK finally uploaded!!! Here is my submission:

Quad ATV Best of Mud Bogs, Boulders, and Blunders » ATV Videos » QUADCRAZY ATV Community

Short Clips of the Best (Caught on Video) Muddin, Climbing, Rock Crawling, and Crashes that I could find. I tried to add some of the footage that did not make it to my other vids. Segments are from the Lost Trails, RAC, Demon Run, Rock Run, Bloody Skillet, Mountain Ridge, and some other trails.

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