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Snow storm coming to the North East in October!

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We're supposed to get some snow tomorrow through Sunday, 6-12 inches. It's record early and the trees still have leaves, which they are predicting that we'll have power outages from the trees coming down from the weight of the snow...we'll see!!!


Winter Storm.JPG


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its starting to come down if Frackville now, we will see how it progresses.

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If it's starting to come down in PA, I think we'll get it in a few hours depending on the track...

I haven't attached my plow frame yet for this year!!!! It's gonna be a wet heavy snow...:yes:

As of now, no snow yet...TWC says:

Winter Storm Warning until Sun, 2am EDT

8-12 in of snow over the next 36 hours

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I cleared my one tree 4 times already. About 7 inches now of WET snow...and not stopping. My wife is driving home from work right now...slowly. Went outside with my 4 year old daughter just now...attached are some pics from my cell phone.










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We inturrupt this quad site to get a snow update from our QC affillates in our upper northern states! I hope your all doing good & have power looking forward to seeing more pics. Wylde I'm wanting to see you jump your quad over a snowman or play quad snowboweling by building 12 snowmen and seeing how many you can take out with your quad all at 1 time.

Edited by hangingon

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Love the photos an angle making a snow angle.

Thanks! Well the snow is over, and now I have to go and try to clean this mess. It's sunny outside 38 degrees. I don't know if my quad will even push this much heavy wet snow. There's over a foot out there! This has got to be the biggest snowstorm we have ever had in October.

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Not too bad here got about 10 inches, power blinked a couple times and lost cable for about a half hour, other than that no damage for me. Hope everyone else came out OK too

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Just uploaded this photo my wife shot...it was the day after the storm...clean up.


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