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  2. Well glad u figured It out without putING any money into it..it usually ends up being the simple things that are over looked
  3. Nope if clutch was toast it'd be slipping there's something wrong inside that clutch cover ..something with the whole secondary shift mechanism. U try turning it both ways? If I remember right they are backwards threads. It might not be worth the hassle with a free bike...it's an easy fix ...without a picture or diagram it's hard to describe how it works n I can't find one...it shouldn't hurt anything if u completely let gas go when shifting...the primary (centrifugal) clutch actually has a one way bearing so if the wheels are spilling the clutch bell (outer part) faster then the cent. clutch is spinning there is no pressure on any gears when shifting.. it's a personal thing is u wanna year it apart n possibly spend a few bucKS giver if not dont
  4. Really seems to me like your float is out of adjustment in your carb...the needle valve that controls fuel level in bowl...going up hill pushes fuel to back of carb make float sit higher stopping fuel from coming in sooner I'd make sure your float level is at spec
  5. Nvm about oil didn't finish reading your post...I run the same oil it's jaso-MA approved by shell not certified but a proved I run the same stuff in my 400
  6. How it's running is not ok ....your clutch is out of adjustment. Way out. My guess is the clutch started slipping and the past guy backed the adj. Screw all the way out thinking it would be tighter but it's not...your secondary clutch (clutch pack) is not doing its job at all..it's job is to take the quad out of gear when u push up or down on shift lever just like a standard clutch...that's why your having trouble shifting....what u have to do is turn adj. Screw in 1/8th of a turn. Pull lever up/down. Hold and hit gas. If the quad is trying to move repeat until it doesn't. And once u get that set up so it's not trying to move go for a rip and make sure it doesn't slip....it shouldn't. .. if it does just back it out 1/8th of a turn .....the way it is now is hard on transmission gears...also if clutch is slipping...I won't get tout into it but make sure your running a jaso-MA certified oil...and definitely no synthetics that's aren't jaso-MA approved..they will swell your clutche's cause premature wear and slip
  7. Try this...from neutral pull the shifter up and hold it there and try to move...DON'T DROP IT DOWN WHILE REVVED...if the bike still feels like it's in neutral there and drives good in first your clutch is adjusted fine where it is and can be tedious getting it back.....after that u could try changing your oil if it looks that bad but I'd get a new clutch cover gasket and take the cover off its the big one on right hand side there's about 12 8 mm bolts. An oIL line and your reverse switch......when pulling the cover off there's a few pieces that can fall out a plate with 3 ball bearings in it (fixed) they can't fall out.. a spring and a couple pie shaped gears....all part of your secondary clutch....n just go from there make sure shaft from shifter to cam isn't bent n binding...something in there is probably binding unless it's right inside the crank case.....if it is I have a crank case/transmission I could sell.....I have 1 with the high/lo version off a 99 Kodiak. ..in 2000 they changed the name of the Kodiak to big bear and gave the Kodiak a CVT. ....and I have one off a 350 wolverine without the hi/lo option ..
  8. Does it smoke more when warm or cold??? What could be some attributes to factor in or out
  9. Are we talking steep enough hills that it would change the float level enough to run to lean?? Short hills the fuel level wouldn't be changed enough to be effecTed? ?? Just a thought
  10. Dont kno if i would exactly call it a missfire but sometimes when i fist get on my quad( after letting it warm up with choke for five mins ) and rip away usually right after shifting it will miss 1 spark blow that air/fuel into exhaust and backfire then run normal sometimes itll do this 2-3 times aways in the beginning of a ride usually if i warm it up a little less then usual, just curious what would cause this. It did it since i got the quad 6 months ago and theres a different head cyl. And piston in it now...also what would cause oil to stop flowing into a head??? Or did i screw something up??? On the new head i noticed oil poors out behind cam sprocket on the old one it didnt
  11. Figured it out got clutches off kodiak there the same clutch pack and cent clutch on all 3 bikes..different basket on the wolverine driven clutch...gonna use the centrifugal clutch off the kodiak and clutch pack off the wolverine .....to get the driven clutch off the kodiak what do you people us to hold it still to get not off??? My impact gun is air and i domt have access to air at this point(between jobs)
  12. Ok got the clutches out of the wolverine and they look great compared to the bb the basket is almost full where as the bb had 3/4" space im thinking the clutch was already done no my question is is the nut that holds on the cent. Clutch backwards threads?? Had to abuse that motor to get clutches out and cant do that with bb n i need the cent clutch off to get at clutch pack....any help would be apreciated thanks
  13. All wiring connections will be different iv got a 350 wolverine 97 and kodiak 400 98 i use for parts on my 02 bb400 if u need help with matching up parts i can help im trying to find out if the wolverine and bb/kodiak have the same clutch part# right now n cant find em anywhere
  14. polaris has a bettwer 4wd system, smoother ride and at a good price...can am and polaris both have there problems i wouldnt say one has more then the other but polariss cost less to fix. there both good competitors most people would say polariss quality has went down the last few years seams as though there trying to cut corners and save money..95precent of em are built in mexico now, there axles are getting weaker and weaker. i bought a new sp 500efi the only new bike i ever bought and if i could do it again i would of bought a yamaha. ive owned 4 used yamahas and never had any major issues with them mabye a few hundred dollars in parts every year or 2....my polaris was 1000 here 1000 there every few weaks its running fine now but its to expencive to keep fixing so it sits while i ride my big bear 400 that never brakes unless i brake it...polaris makes a good snow plow tho
  15. the older sportsman were known to have soft cams the problem is theres only one cam lobe opening 2 valves and if your not on top of setting your valves regularly they tighten up and never give the cam a break(in contact at all time) and wear it out very quickly valve clearance is .006 intake and exhaust...im guessing u lost quite a bit of power for a while up to when all this happend...good luck hope its just the gasket for your sake

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