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  1. Ck. reverse switch and clutch switch @ handle bar mine didnt fully engage and caused no start.
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  3. the swingarm bolt gets rust and corrosion welded to the axle .spray with penetrating oil alot and soak it regularly for a day or so . Screw the nut back on backwards and leave a gap for the bolt to get moving .try hitting it with a rubber or brass hammer, after it starts to move unscrew the nut a little but don't go too far and ruin the threads.try hitting it with a rubber or brass hammer, next I try a block of wood against the backwards nut an whack at it,If it's real stubborn Get a large drift or center punch in the center of the threaded end of the and whack at with a big hammer . This can swell the bolt end so don't be stupid ,think your way through it as to NOT damage the bolt or nut.They can be very difficult to remove Good luck .
  4. Fuel vale body to inlet tube leakage is usually a bad vale assy. I've fixed mine empty or tilt tank a good cleaning of both the body inlet and fitting spray with brake cleaner and epoxy it back in place being care full of getting any epoxy inside clamp it in lightly, wait at least 48 hours before putting in fuel. beware it's not ,necessarily a safe way to go but it will hold until you get a new assy. I've had mine last for years but i wouldn't sell it that way.
  5. I believe it's held in place by press or tight fit and a collar or step built into the axle. with axle nuts on opposite side to tighten whole assy,
  6. Choke is off when pushed away from you and on when pull towards you .I don't believe there is any adjustment . But the choke lever and choke plunger must move smoothly .The choke plunger assm. frequently need to be replaced. Beware !tighten choke to carb nut gently they love to crack.or cross thread.
  7. Bristol Racing in Hastings NY (315) 668-7195, No one knows more about them than "Bunk"
  8. unplug rev. switch try again. check air filter, Check ALL carb vacuum ports and lines including tank vent are clear,Clean carb 4th time , Just a few houghts good luck
  9. Check your COIL and plug wire and boot . Look real good for cracks or sparks jumping . Spray some water on them, wait a few seconds and get in a dark place and start it or try to You'll probably see sparks jumping from the coil or wire or plug boot .. OR... Also the reverse switch can also go bad and do this sort of thing Ground the rev. switch wire to the chassis and see if it helps. OR ride on sunny days . As far as the non- starting problem ,,, Is the Starter turning over but the engine will not start ? Or is the starter not turning ? If the starter is not turning Check the battery connections at both ends . Hope that helps .. ATVDOA
  10. Your Reverse switch (located on the reverse hand shifter ) is bad or disconnected. i.ve fixed lots of these.This happens to many ,many warriors.Try disconnecting the wires coming from the reverse switch (l/h lower side)and the wire coming from the reverse lever switch (r/h upper) and grounding them to the frame. this will ensure the start cut out relay is working or just put the relay in your hand and feel it activate as the motor is cranking.

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