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  2. The reason I hesitate with less expensive ones which I do own and use the B&D is that my buddies B&D overcharged his 8 month old $120 Harley battery last winter. I only run it for a few days per battery, once a month which is what I would recommend to be safe. I mainly use the BatteryMinder since I have six batteries not used over the winter months and it has Desulfator which did bring my truck battery back to life and even started after sitting outside at work all day last week at -35. There's nothing wrong with the B&D, it has worked great for my over the last three years.
  3. View File 2018 Polaris Sportsman Touring 850/1000 Owners Manual 2018 Polaris Sportsman Touring 850 SP / XP 1000 Submitter r97f1504x4 Submitted 02/03/2019 Category Polaris ATV  
  4. Costco members can get special pricing https://www.costcoauto.com/powersports but didn't really seem all that great. I happen to pick up a 2018 Polaris Touring 850 for $7,950 at dealer with 450 miles a couple weeks ago. Was very clean and traded in for SxS.
  5. I just decided to get one for play. Snowmobile season has been pretty bad the last four years around here and wanted something that I can actually use. The sleds haven't had a much opportunity due to weather.
  6. Hi Don, I'm new here too. We are finally out of the -35 temp / -55 windchill and today was +35. Glad it warmed up some but really is hurting the snowmobile trails at this temp. This is why I finally just got an ATV. Snowmobiling was been pretty bad for the past four years and need something to play / ride on winter has not been great.
  7. I'll use my snowmobile trailer when possible but the other times I'll have a Travel Trailer. I do have some 2x8x8 ramps but a post I read pointed out how low the load rating is by OSHA which I verified. There are quite a few sets of ramps like the ones I mentioned for around$130 otherwise they seem to be almost double the price for the same ratings which is why I question quality of the less expensive ones. Pit Posse has my attention because of warranty stating 5 years.
  8. Looking for some ramps and this manufacturer seems to stand behind their product with 5 year warranty. I was looking at PP2755P 89" 1,500 lbs. or they have PP2755-9P 9' 1,200 lbs. I'd like longer ramps but dry weight of wheeler is 808 lbs so with me on it, fuel, etc. could be 1,100 lbs. then loading into 2015 F-250. I'm new to this so looking to hear if 7.5 ft ramps are long enough / these or other models? I've noticed Quadboss looks a lot like some of the Yutrax... I know it is a lot of opinions but I'm hoping to hear from others that have been through this and can help guide.
  9. Nothing good can come from drinking and driving. MN is cracking down on this some and made some changes http://news.dnr.state.mn.us/2018/07/31/new-dwi-law-goes-into-effect-aug-1/
  10. I have B&D maintainer then got BatteryMINDer Model 1510 a few years later. I also had the NOCO Genius which I return after doing some monitoring and it seemed to be overcharging. The 1510 has a 5 year warranty and has been the best IMO. It is the only Maintainer approved in Aviation. I rotate the 1510 around once a week between six batteries during winter. I've tried using the B&D on batteries after one month of no charger which was last done by the 1510 and it shows the battery is fully charged. Supposedly the 1510 can maintain multiple batteries that are fully charged in a parallel circuit but I'm not going to try, I just rotate once a week.
  11. Hello, I'm new here too! Had them on the farm growing up. Then a little riding with Warrior and Predator for a few years in the past 20 years. Anyways, winter has not been the same around here, sleds don't get used so finally decided to get a wheeler again.
  12. Just picked up a Sportsman Touring. I've always rode with buddies sledding but I need to find out where and who to go wheeling with. Definitely wise to ride with others than solo.
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    2018 Polaris Sportsman Touring 850 SP / XP 1000

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