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Help Identify Old Honda 4x4 ATV

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Like @Frank Angerano said, a VIN would help but also if you could take a few pics and then we can take a look. I changed your topic title to Help Identify Old Honda 4x4 ATV rather than just patcher, l

Lightly sand the  bar  it is stamped into  and you might be  able to  make it  out. On older   Honda 4 wheel  ATVs  it  is  on the   round crossbar in the  front.  Mine was hard to read  ev3n  after s

You can email the picture(s) to [email protected] and I can try to do it for you and see why it's not working.

Posted Images

Hey Gary, can you locate the vin number ? It should be located in the front lower push bar on the cross brace.  If you can find that number there are a few web sites that decode the vin for free and tell you the year and model of the bike.  The 10th number or letter of the bikes vin# is the year of the bike when cross referenced on the vin decoder.  Do you know the model ? 

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  • Ajmboy changed the title to Help Identify Old Honda 4x4 ATV

1 hour ago, Gary Patch said:

hi how do I add pics can't seem to upload them

Like @Frank Angerano said and you can also copy and paste into a topic. So if you copy an image just click paste and it'll upload. You can also add it to the gallery section and take the URL and copy and paste into a topic.

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Lightly sand the  bar  it is stamped into  and you might be  able to  make it  out. On older   Honda 4 wheel  ATVs  it  is  on the   round crossbar in the  front.  Mine was hard to read  ev3n  after sanding the  rust off but I found enough to use a chart of 1991  VINs  to  find  mine  listed.  I was lucky there  was  only one letter unreadable.

This site  has a chart of all the Honda bike  and  quad model  number  and tear  listings.. The   4trax entries  are  way  down the  list.


Your   vin  will  start  with 478TE.  The next  two  or 3  numbers  will  identify  the  model series . The  1988 to 2000 models have  a  150 there. Further on in the  vin there will be  a  letter to identify the year.

The 10th digit in a 17 digit V.I.N. or frame number represents the year of your ATV, motorcycle, or car.

A = 1980  B = 1981 C = 1982  D = 1983  E = 1984  F = 1985  G = 1986  H = 1987
J = 1988   K = 1989  L = 1990  M = 1991  N = 1992  P = 1993  R = 1994  S = 1995
T = 1996  V = 1997  W = 1998  X = 1999  Y

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On 2/18/2018 at 11:41 AM, Gary Patch said:

Yeah done all that just get error message upload failed can't read vin number either 

I uncovered a server issue that may have prevented uploads temporarily, so please try again. 😁

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