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THE "i hate" thread

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I hate.

, gov. officals, People who bash any brand of atv, A$$holes, stock market, the fact Bristol only has one night race a year, Hogan and Brooke knows best, , Ironman movie won't be on DVD until the end of Sept , Wal-mart,Wal-mart still, and the fact that I still can't crap money. Oh , I almost forgot NO Southern Comfort and Mountain Dew served at McDonalds!!!!!!!!!!!:aargh::aargh::aargh::aargh::aargh::aargh::aargh:

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i hate

posers that wear fox stuff, when in reality then have never came within 10 ft of a quad or dirtbike.


arrogant riders

mx tracks that not allow quads

waking up early

our goverment

bleeding heart liberals


black ppl that have their head up their as* and think we owe them something(and dont say im racist, my best friend is black)

ppl who think slipknot is metal

bands that change from metal and then go mainstream like mcr shitt


fat chicks that think they can still wear the REALLY short shorts that say "sexy" on the back


my ex gf

senseless rap


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i hate the jonas brothers

living up at my new house an hour away from all my friends

people who think all their stuff is awesome and ur stuff is crap

cocky people

how girls can go from listening to death metal but still fricken like the jonas brothers

smart a$$'s

people who make the biggest deal out of every little thing

people who stab u in the back


all the stores like abercrombie that wreak of perfume

people who get in your face and talk [email protected]%t


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And NOW!!!!!

After Reading several other posts around here......

I HATE people that cant figure out how to Spell or use their Spell Check....

I HATE people that cant type out a FULL WORD.....

I HATE people that dont know NO from KNOW

I HATE people that type like this....u no i no y,, u no?

And I HATE people that are not as Sexy as BuckBilly!!!!! U SXY BIOTCH U:laugh:

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I went through this thread and deleted post that may offend a person with different sexual orientation than you and I. Were not going to start a thread to bash. Name what you hate, that is fine. Just think if you may be offending someone. I know you guys understand and I thank you for your cooperation.

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