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    It happens. People jump start their bikes with a car or a jumper pack and don’t realize they can blow up a stator coil. All sorts of resons. Welding on a bike can do the same. I’m at the point where I can’t wait for a bike to give me the best problem it has to offer. Bc the bottom line it’s that it’s a machine and it has a diagram and if you can understand the diagram you own that bastard. So let’s get after it and fix that thing and make it run.
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    Hahaha I’m willing to sacrifice that. She’s easily swayed with a new pocketbook!
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    Everyone I know is all banged up with a cold or some shit. Hope ya feel better. I found a few bikes this week that I’m going to look at. Ones a bayou 300. Sitting for a while. Guy wants $750, not happening. The other is a worier 350 not running but a ton of extras and wants $500 to get it gone. He said it’s his sons and been sitting for a few years in a garage. Going to try and grab both for $1000. Busy weekend ahead trying to wrap up the one bayou and pick up two more! The wife is going to flip!!!!!
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    I will keep posted on this issue. Thanks again
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    It sounds to me like the one way clutch for the starter is not grabbing properly. You should not hear the starter whining it the clutch was locking to turn the motor ovrr. With the plug out, the clutch holds just enough to turn the motor over slowly , but it is still slipping badly. Since you had the motor apart, you may have installed the clutch backwards. Try taking it out and turning it around to see if that solves the problem. If it doesn't, a new one way clutch ( sprag clutch) should fix your problem.
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    Hey @Lellwyn Griffin I was just looking at the exact same bike to buy in NJ. Same color etc. it had a plow and winch installed the bike was in great shape. I wound up going for something a little better but also sad I didn’t grab it. The guy wound up selling it for $2600 I believe. Great bike. But like @Ajmboy said I buy a lot of bikes. The things I look for are color and clarity of oil, wiring work that has been done by others, take a good look at the frame for repairs like welding work or bends in the frame from a wreck Check the plastics underneath for mismatch colors. A quick look at the carburetor to make sure it’s not a cheap aftermarket. And I always take a quick compression reading. Anything from 150 to 180 psi is good and usually within range for that cc engine. Go through all the gears and if possable I like to raise up the wheels off the ground and spin the tires to see if they wobble (bent axles or rims) or have any movement in the bearings. post some more pics I would love to see it. Good luck
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    Thanks for the tips!!! Here is one picture, but doesn’t show a lot. Will post more later. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's a good quad and as long as the price is right, I would get it, Check sites like KBB.com for the resale value. As far as checking, you'll want to see how many hours/miles are on it if it has a display/speedo. Look at the overall condition of teh plastics, frame, tires, rims...to see how hard it was ridden. Check the oil level and condition. Open the seat and see what it looks like under there. Start it up and see how it runs. @Frank Angerano buys a lot of used atvs and knows what to look for.
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    Good morning everyone. Getting colder here in lower NY!
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    Yep, I shy away from buying any internal engine parts or stuff like that from ebay, i don't know why but i do.
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    This is the only site I've found that actually has a service manual for a 1995-2000 Kawasaki KEF300
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    Posting useless stuff to increase my post count
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    I hear ya @06kfx440 but this bike is for my youngest. I need it to be right for him and I have it all apart (plastics off) just to clean it up so might as well get into it before they all go back together. It’s also the reverse light as well the switch does both. The bike is also in excellent condition so I feel it’s worth the effort. Btw @06kfx440 wait till you see my next few posts I picked up a mint Mojave in a barn that was just sitting there. Dirt cheap put it in my other garage until I wrap this one up. Going to put it up on the forum in the next two weeks or so. I have no need for it as it’s not my type of bike but it was so clean I couldn’t say no! Those two stroke days are over. But my oldest boy is in love and begging me to keep it. I’m starting to think I have a real problem! It’s every day I’m looking for a new old bike! This is the bayou that I picked up below. The previous owner an older gentleman who loved to hunt owned a body shop and had the plastics sprayed in a booth jet black. I took the big seat off the back and stripped it down to the wheels and frame right now as a usual thing I do whenever I pick a bike up. Should be pretty sweet when it’s wraped up!
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    What Ajmboy was referring to was the post. This website has a lot of technical resources available for the users of the site. Its a website and unlike social media, you don't get an instant response. Those who have the resources to share are only here on their spare time so a reply may be a day or two. Plus the way it was posted "I am just here to get a manual" is outright saying "once I get this manual, im gone" I wouldn't be too inclined to help that person either. Then on top of that to post 10 replies with only a number is childish, another reason to not help them either. A forum board is a community. There is already a lot of people who do come here to ask a question about a problem, then someone provides some suggestions to help solve it, and they never post back that it fixed the problem, so we never know if our suggestions worked. We assume it did, because otherwise they would post back that it didn't work. Mike
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    the vin is really hard to see as oil and dirt are on it ... take a flashlight and basically, on your back, rub with a rag on the lower rail of the frame in front of the toe shifter and you should see it ... as far as no spark, i would say stator or the pick-up coil ... if the bike is 10 yrs old, i (myself) would replace the stator which comes with the pick up coil ...
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    I will pay for a good diagram. Nothing is free in this world. There isn't much to these damn things. I'm just not a wiring guy. I will fix anything.
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