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  1. Nicely done. I'm planning to use a trailer too but I'm unsure if I can do the same thing you've done to your trailer. Anyway, may I know what parts you used for the hitch? I'm looking at blue ox tow parts.
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  3. MuddyHound

    Install a winch on 2003 Magnum 330 2x4?

    Warn winch has something for Magnum. check this chart out: WARN - Polaris Mounting System Application Chart
  4. MuddyHound

    ATV Tires

    You may want to check out Maxxis tires
  5. MuddyHound

    Painting my frame

    Awesome work. your quad looks great
  6. MuddyHound

    Made myself a new bumper.

    great work on this one
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    A few pics of the Renegade Lifted

    Awesome looks!
  8. MuddyHound

    custom graphic kits

    awesome graphic kits. do you have other designs available?
  9. MuddyHound

    kazuma cougar 250 carb issue

    good day! maybe youd like to check out this thread:
  10. MuddyHound

    Newbie With Raptor

    Hi! I own a 2013 Yamaha Raptor 125. Got it last week and im planning to upgrade some parts. Hope you guys can help and give me some tips. thanks!