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  1. ck.for stuck needle valve,needle not seeting proper ,hole in float,bleed screw loose in bottom of carb,if no one has messed with carb,do not try to reset float,it was set at factory to close the needle valve as the gas feels up the carb bowl,they dont unset them selves,
  2. You may have put the throttle in top of carb in backwards,if you did it will run wide open instantly,when you start it,take it back out of carb turn it 180 degrees screw back doun into carb,it should go in real easy,if not it is backwards,ck to make sure cable is not in bind first.
  3. Your red lead off your battery goes straight to starter cylenoid ,but what is the problem,is the cyl.clicking when you try to start bike,starter cyl.engages starter only not wench.
  4. Turn air screw all the way in then back out oneand half turn,it will start then turn in each direction til it runs rough o r i.. dels down.Then turn to middle .If the carb is not stopped up or plug fould it should run
  5. You said it was turning over real easy,check your compression,it sound like it could have jumped time,if you dont have a compession gage hold your thum tight over plug hole ,get someone to turn engine over .The compression should blow your thum off the hole if not your compression is to low.
  6. Your compression is suppose to be high,I think around 150 to 170 psi and you need 89 octane gas,I change my oil and filter about once per yr but it is according to how often and how hard you ride,you can find the grease fittings by looking,you will see them if they are thier.
  7. Dont try takeing carb apart,first ck. plug to see if it is fouled,then ck. fuel,drain some in clear glass to see if you have water in it,UNless you know what your doing ,dont take carb apart,
  8. Thanks,had to buy new cut off valve ,old one was not cutting fuel all the bway off.
  9. gas runs into breather when bike is not running cleand jets and needle,still does it ,cant see any thing wrong float.need help,thanks:
  10. check plug and clean it,if it still does it ck and see if you have vacume,sprey water around intake and carb that will tell you if it is sucking airalso ck breather if dirty clean it with soup and water let it dry reinstall itif none of that helps you need to clean carb jets,make sure needle valve is not sticking make sure air iset 1.5 to 2.5 turns out if you do all that it will run
  11. first ,take the plug wire off the plug,leave your plug in the bike,take another plug anput in your plug wire,hold it close to the block,see nif you are getting fire through the plug when you turn the motor over if it is fireing clean your plug and carb jets reset air to carb if you have good compression it should start

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