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    So, when I bought my non-running bayou, I HAD an 05 Dakota quadcab that it fit in the back of. But by the time i got it up and running, i had traded said p/u for a tricked out 04 Wrangler.. so we bought a 5x8 utility trailer to haul it and our camp gear in. However, if I get my '78 Chevy shortbus running in the next 30 days (yes I have a shortbus), I may load it in the back to haul to hunting camp. And yes, I will post pics to share if I do. Lol Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Looks like I screwed up when I tried to post the file to downloads.. It should be in there now in the Polaris repair manual downloads
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    Very nice! What size bike is she riding now ? That rim if you heat it up and take a small sledge hammer/lump hammer wrap it in duct tape and slowly hit it back into shape. Take your time.
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    I also have a 2018 Tahoe, same color from looking at the picture. Bought it for hauling the tent trailer & quads. Mike
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    last time out I brought both machines,so I used the Trailer. and 2018 Tahoe.
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    Today it was old school! and old guy,with an old truck,and a old quad!
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    Saw this picture online, I guess its one way to haul your ATV!
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    Slowly re-tooling after living in Europe for two years. The 18ft black trailer can hold 4 mid-size wheelers. Currently this hauls the RZR and a new acquired Sportsman 500. Still have 2 pickup beds to fill.
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    What I have and use at this time. (pics from last fall when I bought my Sportsman 500, two + hrs from home.)
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    Saw this online..thought it was funny...
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    Just picked up a new 2018 Chevy Tahoe to haul the Jumping Jack and quads. The Trailblazer was starting to get too many problems with it and it was time. Looking around at late model used, the prices were still up there so I figure just go for it and buy new. More then enough towing capacity for our needs and more cargo room for camping gear
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    wylde1, I pretty much do trail riding, a bit of plowing when the need arises. Have only been riding ATV's for a couple of years and living where we live, have so much area to explore it makes me wish that I would have gotten into it years ago. But had kids in private school, and that isn't free so the ATV money for years and years went to tuition. And to pay for that tuition, I had to chuckle at your avitar pic, we have been running a fireworks stand for 21 years which is what allowed our kids to be able to attend the private school. However it does make me a bit nervous to see fireworks used like that LOL, be careful dude. As far as mud goes........I'm old and therefore don't enjoy the cleanup and I can't imagine it's too good on the machine either.....but, to each is own and if that's what you enjoy... go for it. It does look kind of fun but can't imagine the time I would have to spend cleaning, I'm a bit anal, okay.....very anal and wouldn't and won't put my machines away dirty. If I do, it is taken care of the very next day. fartknocker, Sounds like a great place to be. I for some reason try to avoid the water and mud, worried about electronics, brakes, and hate to clean rock hard dirt. To be able to have that freedom of riding either or all year long would be awesome. I know that the folks down in West Yellowstone near Yellowstone National Park are able to use both snow machines and ATV's year round, for me I would sure miss my mountains, nothing like the feeling of coming over a rise and seeing views like these.
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    This is what hauls our Quads now. Wow! We love this thing, This is not just an F-250 over here. I can do 100kph seat 5 in cumfort and It only uses 680kms per 110lts (422mile per 29gallons)
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    We had this first it at least did 100kph (highway speed) but it only seats 2. Know we have the F-250 and just tow the old trailer when we take all three Quads out and thats not offen
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    We got this thing so we could haul all three Quads and my lady could drive it on a standed car licence and we could tow a caravan but it was very ruff and cramped in the cab and the two dogs had very little room to move and it had no power to do more then 40mph and did I mention how ruff it was also we only got 550kms. per 70Ltr.(340mile per 18.5gallon) and ruff dont get me started on how ruff it was:aargh:
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    My truck and trailer and whats in it.....
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