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  2. gotta be cool, Admin. looks like sgt.Slaughter!!!!!!!!!!
  3. good to see the beer is securely bungeed to the rear rack!would not want it to float away!!
  4. now thats a hasben lesben,usually they like to run facefirst into a bush!!!!!
  5. if you have not already fixed,go to ebay, i just bought all gears+ shafts+bearings for 60$,even if it costs you twice the price its good,,,,,,,,,,whole trans for $200 or so,,,,,,,,
  6. i know someone who has lighter springs if your still looking.
  7. Welcome to the forum Kyle,,,,your flooding out due to either a bad needle and seat assembly and/or your float is laying too high,,,,,,,,turn your carb upside down and make sure your float mount is flat level with the carb half,,,,,, even alittle down,if thats good you need to change thr needle and seat ass.a small wear ring on the needle is all it takes to stick,,,ebay is cheap,,,,,,,,,,,
  8. yeah i put all my machines at 2-2,raises the shift-out rpm 500 rpm or more than the stock setting of 2-1,,,
  9. anyone need to change their color? ,,,,,,,,used to be multi colored. Rust-oleum makes a Fabric and Vinyl spray paint in 10 colors, picked it up at autozone,,,,,,its been over a month of direct sun,rain,dirt, still good shape,,,,,,,.
  10. Yeah,i'm takin mine apart today,Brother-in law had idle up about 1,000 R's too much. terrible forward engagment. hopefully just three parts $200 or less.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  11. You just officially had your title changed to super agitator!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,thanx for the welcome,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  12. front diff.97 400scram-$85 shipped.34mm carb-$60 shipped.rear rack-$60,brand new rear shock/2003-$60,4-98%swamplites for 4x4scram on steel rims-$240-4-goodyear tires on steel rims,alittle tread left,-$160-p/u only.polaris low-profile windshield-$60,prob,p/u only.white rear plastic-$70-p/u only.1 great hilliard+1 great hub/bearings for awd polaris atv's--$130 shipped.mint 12tooth+42tooth sprockets-cheap.polaris 500+4x4 stickers.shipping is depending on distance,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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