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March 2013 ATV Fix Up Contest!


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Contest Rules: Submit your write-up in a post within this thread. Your write-up should include:

An answer to the statement, "Tell us how you'd use your gift card to fix up your quad".

You can include photos, videos, specs, and anyting creative that will make your entry stand out. It's up to you.

* You may not submit photos/videos/content that you do not have ownership of or permission to use. Any violation of these terms will result in disqualification.

Last day to enter this contest is March 31st.

The winner will be chosen by QUADCRAZY and BikeBandit.

Check out some of these great promotions going on at BikeBandit.com!

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Id get some wheel spacers for me daughters 2009 Suzuki Ozark 250 @ last look they cost $80.oo a pair and we are after two pairs. That should make things a little safer for her. Course at the moment shes like the "Rollover Queen" here is just one of her rollovers. You can see her burn her finger on the exhaust pulling herself back up.

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I wouldn't use it to beef up my quad, I would use it to beef up me. I currently have an EVS Revo Lite Underprotector and it works well, but I would like to bump up to the Revolution 5 to add some more protection, especially around the shoulders. I have been know to test my safety gear and since my parts are harder to fix than my quads, I feel that I am the area that needs the most upgrades.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97_E3k_WyoY]ATV Hits Trees Epic Helmet Cam - YouTube[/ame]

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If I had 50 bucks, I would be adding it to my twist throttle fund, or my power steering fund. Most likely, I would put it towards more mounting points for my Drift HD cam, so I can get some good footage when we are riding, prerunning or racing!!

Good luck to ya'll, looks like a few of you might need it more than I do!

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"Tell us how you'd use your gift card to fix up your quad".

I could always use some preventive maintenance parts such as oil, filters, plugs, thermostat and parts like that in stock. Since mine stays outside in the weather most of the time it would also be nice to have a heavy duty cover to put over it since a tarp is such a pain to put on and take off. I would also love to have a camo vinyl kit that would hide most of my faded plastic body parts. Some green slime in my tires wouldn't make me unhappy either!

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I'm sure I could use the $50 to offset the cost of a new set of Holeshots for my 88 Tecate 4/05 ZX-6R hybrid. The 25 year old Dunlops are definitely past there due date, lol...All the heavy lifting is done, now its just a laundry list of small stuff to finish up...its a work in progress. ..I'll post a few pics when I get to the PC

Pics of the exhaust (scratch built)...2.5" Fluted 316 Stainless tubing(body), perforated 1.5" 316 Stainless core tubing, Billet 6061 endcaps I cut, and the ends are wrapped with a .75" wide 32g 316 Stainless strip.

The other pic is of the tank decals I cut for this project.




tecate front stickers.jpg




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Added Pics
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How would I beef up my quad? NEW SHOCKS! When I had my older quad I was riding Works shocks and I cant imagine a smoother ride! Hitting those jumps, riding the whoops, or just cruising they soften up everything. Next option? Spacers. A tight wheelbase under a power plant like mine is no fun. I like to put the quad sideways through the corners and Id feel all around way more comfortable on my bike if it was widened. Both of those options sound great and all but they aren't what is important. No matter what sport you are in, safety is key. If you take a branch to the eyes and cant see anymore what use is a quad, computer, or a whole variety of luxuries and necessities that we use day to day. On top of my shopping list is a new helmet (with goggles), a chest protector, neck brace, and boots. I grew up with a chest protector and helmet but it has come to my attention that 400cc of beast is between my legs and I need to step up my game, borrowing a helmet from my neighbor is not going to cut it. As of now, my Honda TRX400EX is parked in the garage impatiently begging me to hit the trails again. Occasionally I will even sit down and turn the engine over just to hear it purr like a kitten. MMMM. As you can see, this gift card would be useful, for I refuse to ride in an unsafe environment because it just is senseless.

Thanks for the read guys! Good luck to all!


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