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  2. No sir. When brake is applied it still wont' start. Used to be able to shift it into neutral, rock it back and forth a few times and the green neutral light would pop on. Slowly it got to where it just wouldn't come on at all. I've had the brake applied, the switch out, grounded and depressed, voltage check, etc., etc. and I cant get the little freakin' light to come on at all. Thank you for the manuals, I'll look through them.
  3. Looking for a little help. I have an 89' Big Bear that DID run like a top. Always was garage kept. Recently, the neutral light began getting harder and harder to come on. I'd make sure it was in neutral, rock it a few times and boom, it would come on. Then it began getting harder and harder to get to come on until now, it won't come on at all. I changed the little switch at your left heel below the engine, changed the wire out that leads to the switch, etc., but still nothing. Not sure if this means anything but the master cylinder at your right hand is out and doesn't work at all. I recently adjusted the back brakes and did a little bit of clean up on it. I changed out the shaft CV boot which is why I had to re-adjust the back brakes. After all that is when the neutral light slowly started going out. Any help would be much appreciated. Is there a way to bypass the switch? Could it be something with the brakes or master cylinder? I appreciate the help.

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