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  1. In the sprit of voting today I mind as well vote here also.
  2. Glad you got it and thanks for sharing the solution. I had a bayou and loved it. They are tough machines. I even plowed snow with mine.
  3. Yep OX Canada has always been a good neighbor. I was thinking of some of the other countries overseas.
  4. Randy you have alot of good points and anyone looking to buy a new winch should read this post.
  5. Yep I like it alot better than the old wrap. Looks Great.
  6. I am glad to hear things are progressing. I can't help to think were are all the other countries with aid, oil, and supplies? We send billions to other countries and nothing in return?
  7. How about studs on a old set of tires. The outlaws are not the best for ice because they do not have alot of contact with the ground. For snow try switching sides with the tires so the direction arrow faces backwards. Alot of guys run like this and seem to float on the snow.
  8. It had to happen some time. Good luck with the rebuild. And send some of that hot riding weather over this way.
  9. Welcome to Quad Crazy. You really can't go wrong with any SXS as long as it is one of the major brands.
  10. They can put as much hp under the hood as they like but with the new SXSs pushing 64" they can keep them. They will not fit on the trails I ride. I have a commander and am slowly getting used to it. The rotax is a solid motor and alot of fun to drive. As far as babying it, the commander was smashing through the trails the first day we got it home.
  11. There is alot more damage that I originally thought. I hope everyone recovers without any major problems. Does everyone here have power by now?
  12. Those are some really good points. I would say to at least change your oil every spring no matter how much you ride.
  13. Well all I know is I have been using Warn out on the trails alone for years and that is what I depend on. I am sure there are a few other brands out there that can preform just as well or better but in my mind dependability is the key. And yes I paid twice as much for my warn then some of the other brands out there.
  14. Good Morning Everyone. Hope you had fun changing all of the clocks.
  15. Thanks. It was fun to do but alot of planning. The third guy did not really show up well but if you look hard he is leaning out of the bed to the left.
  16. I am sure they are glad to have you as a neighbor. Let us know when power is back up and stay safe.
  17. It looks like it is still counting for October but I voted!
  18. Welcome! Make sure to add an in line fuel filter.
  19. Now that looks fun, but I can wait a while longer for the snow.
  20. That does seem like alot of work. I would see if I can place the clamp so it is more accessable next time. Maybe rotate it so the bolt/screw is facing out. I agree with everyone else taking the plastics off is alot of work just to change the filter. Check out the service manual and see if there are any tips in there for easy removal.

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