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  1. Welcome. I bet you do alot of bearing and bushing replacement with the sand.
  2. I think it is either the temp sender (0413-045+/- a $30 part) in the radiator or there is a air pocket in the coolant lines. (If liquid cooled). I would hit the motor with a laser thermometer and see what temp it is running at. Leaving the switch on all the time will not allow the engine to heat up.
  3. I would classify it more as a go cart then an ATV. And believe me I have a couple of good fires on the go carts I built. Mod it how you like and have fun with it! This is where you will learn to work on Motors and ATVs.
  4. It is most likely a 500M then but maybe with upgraded plastics.
  5. Ya you can part it out if needed and make more than $200. I miss my old bayou 250.
  6. The only 650 I believe back then was the kawi v twin. See what manufacturer is on the motor Kawi Suzuki or Arctic Cat. The 500M is likely a suzuki motor and is a very solid quad. I think the H1 was started in 2006 and had black plastics. I believe it may have an auto choke like the newer models did. Check to see if there are wires running to the carb. The vin is on the frame under the rear plastics. I can get an exact location as soon as I get a chance.
  7. The only thing wrong with that is if you are sharing the land then someone could have another elk in their sights as you are going in to get yours. I agree quieter is better and the farther away from the road you get the better chance you have of scaring them.
  8. Check under the plastics for areas where the wiring harness may be rubbing and shorting out. Very common where the harness goes from the fuse block around the frame in the rear of the quad.
  9. What Maps are you looking for I might be able to scan them?
  10. I can send you all the listings PM me.
  11. I have no trouble saying the last weekend of October if Everyone is OK with that. October 26th, 27th and 28th. With the official Ride Scheduled on the 28th a Sunday.
  12. Very Cool thanks for taking the time to upload all of the cool vids.
  13. LOL thats funny! Good luck with the first ride!
  14. Good Morning, Another day of riding. It can't get any better!
  15. Good Morning, Some time in the shop this morning replacing bearings and then out riding in the afternoon.
  16. If you read thru this website you will find them:wink: I can think of two off of the top of my head. I also have a listing for NY. NJ should go the quickest LOL (There are none).

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