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  1. Welcome to Quad Crazy. Hope you like the forums.
  2. Welcome to the site. Check out some of the previous posts there is alot of good information in them.
  3. Going good in NEPA. I do feel horrible for everyone along the coast that was hit hard. I am sure it will take a while to recover.
  4. Good morning everyone. I have been lying low with the storm but now I am back.
  5. Make sure you change the fairlead to a Hawse type one for the synthetic rope.
  6. Good morning everyone. I might have a new quad in the shop by the end of today.
  7. I don't know about you guys but having my bike apart and not being able to ride is scary to me.
  8. I would say it is carb relayted but I would wager a beer on a stuck float. Try taping on the side of the bowl and see if you can free it. If not a carb cleaning is in order.
  9. Good luck. I hope things turn around and that thing runs and looks like new.
  10. I have another solution that a friend showed me. Check you bearings. When you are not moving the brakes work fine. Then as you ride the loose bearing allows the wheel to wobble and push the caliper apart. So the end result is that you have to pump the brakes a few times to get the pads back against the rotor. I fixed the bearing on the wife's quad and now she has brakes again!
  11. Welcome to Quad Crazy. Post up some pics of your quad. I like this website because you can see what everyone is up to everywhere else.
  12. ATVing is great no matter what age you are. Welcome to Quad Crazy.
  13. The ride very well and are comfortable. I am suprised that can am switched from trailing arm to IRS in the rear when designing the Mavrick. My only complaint on the 800 is how the clutch and belt enguage. Make sure you read up on the 1000s. There are clutching, heat, and a few other minor issues. If you want the extra power there are fixes for all of the issues if you are willing to spend some more money.
  14. A knock in the fuel pump is normal. Mine really sounds loud with the seat off. I would download the manual and see if there are readings you can take on the sensor. Does the H for high come up on the pod? or does it display and E? Maybe you can pull the belt cover and make sure there is nothing in there like water or belt dust then check the deflection on the belt. It would be alot easier to check that stuff first before getting into the motor and trans. Lastly I hope you used wet clutch safe oil. I am sure you did but just covering all the angles.
  15. Good afternoon Greenie, and good morning everyone else.
  16. I use IE 9 and sometimes it lags but besides that it works fine.
  17. If you have a permit to carry the you should carry all of the time. I even break my own rule but it is like a phone, the minute you forget it at home you need it.
  18. I would wait until you heal you do not make it worse and there is no reason to loose workers comp.
  19. I added the brand and subject to the thread. I think around the early 80s or late 70s is when they started issuing titles.
  20. Remove the rear rack - 4 Main Bolts Remove the bolts that hold the foor rest on. Remove the battery cover Remove the battery (negative cable first) Disconnect the tail light and take off the gas cap. The plastics should come off. Check where the wiring harness leaves the fuse block and wraps around the frame. For the front remove the cover for the radiator and the cover where the steering stem is. You should be able to see almost everything from there. Let me know if you find any bad wires.

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