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  1. If it was my bike I would take the time and pull the plastics. If the ignition wires rubbed thru then it is only a matter of time before something else shorts out and you end up with a mess like Mike did above. If you need advice about removing the plastics let me know. I have it down to a system and it takes me less than an hour to get them all off.
  2. Welcome, there are alot of great folks on the forums.
  3. I am working on something when I get some time. I should have a pic to post for the contest.
  4. Check the main wiring harness where it goes down from the handlebars and under the rear plastics where it goes around the frame. Check for areas where the wires may have rubbed thru.
  5. Mine used to get hot to the touch. I happened after I did some clutch work and the belt was riding too high and brushing up against the top of the case where the bolts thread into. A slipping belt will cause the same problem and may be due to water or belt dust. Finally the quad might just be running hot and the cvt is just heating up from it. What temps are you riding in?
  6. Very cool. it just goes to show you what a little taunting can accomplish.
  7. It sounds like you have it under control.
  8. I would also check the cvt intake and exhaust to make sure they are not blocked with water or debris. Also clean the belt dust while you are in there with brake cleaner.
  9. The first thing I would do is change out the plug and drain and refil the gas. Then check for spark and gas to the carb.
  10. Welcome to quad crazy. Start by checking the basics one step at a time.
  11. I would check your clutch and make sure your belt is not rubbing on the case.
  12. Some good points. Even though the quads do not go away for the winter there is no harm in giving them a little TLC now and then.
  13. I am not really sure of the difference between 3 or 4 wheels for road riding. But then again I do not have a lot of experience of keeping vehicles on the road.
  14. Thats seems like a good plan. I would love to have a bike around, it brings back alot of memories.
  15. That does look neat for street use but why not just the spyder then?
  16. I like it the color is cool and it has that vintage look. Why did you switch from 4 to 2 wheels?
  17. If there is a belt on the UTV sometimes you can just pull the case and check the belt deflection. I am not that familiar with the model but sometimes it can be shimmed. I would also clean the clutch from belt dust with a little brake cleaner. Check that the rollers in the primary also roll freely.
  18. Post some pics when you get it home!
  19. Is there a wiring diagram for the remote? I might be able to help. Also call another dealer and get their opinion, try country cat they are very helpful there.
  20. Just tell her you were being chased by a swarm of bees and it was the only way to not get stung. Anytime I come back from a ride with no broken bones and/or blood loss my wife is usually happy with me.
  21. Thanks so far so good. I am almost at 1000 miles on it so far.

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