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  1. It depends at what stage you are starving for gas. The needle affects mid range. You should do a plug chop at 1/4 1/2 and 3/4 throttle.
  2. I drove a few quads with power steering and I think is harder to ride without feedback from the trail.
  3. For now it is only available on the limited models and depending if there are programing and ecu diffrences it can get costly.
  4. The only thing I have to add is once you get some seat time in on a SXS you will be ammazed at where you can fit it. The ATVs are more fun to ride in my opinion.
  5. My old standby is to remove the spark plug and see if it cranks.
  6. Start with the Mavrick and you have a good base with 110hp stock. Good luck and be sure to post pics if you do.
  7. Welcome to the forums! There is a large group here from PA NY NJ
  8. Very cool how did you get past the ecu? Do you have a controler?
  9. Look for an ATV club to join. That is the easiest way to find other riders with your skill level. Your skill level is just way beyond his. I think it is simple as that. If he wanted to ride then he would be watching and learing so he can improve his skill level. I always like to ride with riders better than me so that the my skills get pushed and I become better. Sometimes learning that way hurts but that is how the sport is set up.
  10. The two are very diffrent. Everyone that I know that is not a sport rider has upgraded to IRS the only diffrence is some took longer than others. When I had the solid rear I "actively rode" by standing on the quad and bending my knees on the rough sections.
  11. Check out our trails section: Tennessee ATV Trails » QUADCRAZY ATV Community This looks to be a good option: Coal Creek OHV | OHV Trails | Campground | ATV Riding | Adventure | ATV/OHV Sport Events | Off-Road Riding | East Tennessee Mountains | Windrock | OHV | Rock Crawling | Rock Climbing | Mud Bog | Poker Run | Trails | Coal Creek OHV
  12. Here are some pics of them in action just because I like looking through my old pics: (Not Mine but it survived) (Just because)
  13. I owned both a can am 800 commander and a Teryx 750. They both are capable but I think the can am is more for trail riding. The teryx was great for the rough spots on the trail, while the commander needs to engage its clutch and then shift down to crawl, plus you can lock the front diff. The commander wins as far as comfort, speed, and handling. If you get a can am 1000 be prepared to mess with the clutching, either the commander or outlander. As for SXS or quad I also own two arctic cats besides the side by side and the handling on a quad is way different that a SXS. If you are looking for the fun factor an ATV might be for you. But if you are working the Quad hard a SXS might be a good choice because of the bed room and being able to take another passenger.
  14. Good Morning! I am excited to get some garage time in this week.
  15. Yes but the same as the 1000 base model with just the digital display.
  16. I have seen spark plugs fire outside of the engine under no compression but fail once under compression. I would switch out the plug, even with an old one, just to make sure.
  17. Sounds like you have alot going on. Good luck with the quad!
  18. After a few times down that trail everyone would need new bearings and bushings lol.

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