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  1. You are still missing some from PA. Good Effort in getting everything in one place.
  2. I am glad you had alot of fun posting, Congrads!
  3. They make ones for the small utility trucks. Japanese Mini Truck Tires | 4x4 Japanese Mini Truck Tires, Accessories, Parts
  4. The last week of October works if we can have a better turnout. Should I put you down as a maybe?
  5. Just about two more weeks to go! If you are not doing anything this weekend lets get out there and show your support!
  6. Welcome, If you can squeeze your 2 wheels through traffic by LAX then you will have no problem in the woods. I love sitting in traffic and then seeing a bike rip between stopped traffic doing over 50.
  7. Anyone else in for the first or last weekends of October?
  8. Yes, What is the tire diameter going to be in inches? If you go over 25" or so you are going to have trouble turning them up hills or in the sticky stuff.
  9. I would pull it out and go over the whole thing because you do not know the history behind it. Check the cam to make sure it is not bent also. As for not starting with the key check for missing or blown fuses. They may have taken the fuse out so that no one cranks over the motor and cracks the case or does additional damage.
  10. Good Morning everyone. Almost time for the long weekend.
  11. They have a silence that hooks to the muffler. I am not sure if you have to rejet though. Probally Not if you are just using it for hunting. Stealth Exhaust 2.0 with Heat Shield
  12. The first thing I would do is call the state police, give them the vin and see if you bought stolen property. Next I would grab a used key switch with key off e-bay or the forums.
  13. Dave I added ya! Lets see if we can get a few more guys to join in.
  14. Good Point Mike. So the last week is also an option. I will start a count who can make it the 1st week and then who can make it the last week. Let me know if you can make it and I will add you to the list.
  15. It looks like Wylde1 is in the lead for now. Only a few days left!
  16. Yes I would look at adding some LED driving lights instead.
  17. Well I was off the last two weekends riding again. Potter County for our ATV Club's Picnic and Broome again in the mud pit. I think I need to get some lighter/skinny tires on the Cat because I keep falling behind by a second or two.
  18. Well you could have a Can Am! $30.00 for the key and then another $35 to program it. $65 for one Key.
  19. Yep definately makes me want to go out and buy a sport quad.
  20. Ya I will be riding Friday Evening and Saturday but not going too far from the main trail. I think Archery and Muzzleloader might be in depending on we go.
  21. Hey while you have your very own thread going I wanted to congratulate you on your new sponsorship!

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