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  1. As a last resort I would say check all of your ground wires and make sure you have a good connection and check the solenoid and make sure you are getting power to that with the large positive wire and the small positive relay wire.
  2. First Welcome to Quad Crazy. I would check and make sure you have the airbox lid on properly and there are no leaks from there to the carb. Then check the tank and make sure your fuel filter is not plugged or the bottom of the tank. Sometimes on plastic tanks some of the cut plastic can get in the lines and the jets. The sea foam is great stuff but you really have to run a tank of gas or so before you start seeing the benifits. Third I would hold off on adjusting the carb until you tried everything else, if it ran fine before then I would just clean the carb and not adjust it. Check the jets and see if they have anything in them. For your other question, alot of quads have the start in gear feature, try holding the brake (Make sure the brake light comes on) and starting the quad.
  3. SSRT is on top of the poll. With that said what weekend in October is everyone thinking about? 1 - First Weekend 5th thru 7th 2 - Second Weekend 12th thru 14th 3 - Third Weekend 19th thru 21st 4 - Fourth Weekend 26th thru 28th. The official Ride will be that Sunday for those who are coming down for the Day. I would not be able to make the Ride on the 21st so I vote for the First Weekend. Week Voting and Attendance. ______________________________________________ 1 - Swampcat, Marioweldinginc, Markdb, Lumpneck 4 - Swampcat, Marioweldinginc, Lumpneck
  4. What make and model ATV do you have? I would say maybe the timing is off as a first guess.
  5. Welcome to Quad Crazy. We usaly ride the southern tier of NY when we head up that way.
  6. I was not able to find anything with the vin either. I know there are a few repair places now that handle off brand ATVs maybe they can identify it?
  7. I think macro is easier to understand than micro. Good luck with the classes.
  8. I guess you can't vote from your phone. We had alot of great October rides at SSRT.
  9. Here is a link to the poll for choosing a spot for the ride. Vote on that thread and then I will post the results here on September 16th. Once the place is picked and we see we have intrest we can pick a weekend. http://www.quadcrazy.com/atvforum/atv-racing-events/11835-location-poll-quad-crazy-member-ride-pa-ny-nj.html#post73558
  10. Thanks Dave. If we choose SSRT I think we will have the official ride on Sunday as to not intrude with hunting season. I will be camping where ever it will be all weekend though.
  11. Good Morning, it is down hill to the weekend now!
  12. Let see where everyone wants to ride. Listed are the places I know of. The top ones seem like the best choices. So far the ride is planned for sometime in October 2012 so state trails are closed but we can move it to the spring if need be (That will be the next poll) Poll Closes September 16th to give us some time to pick a day.
  13. Ok I will start a poll and see if we can get a consensus on where. Then we can worry about when.
  14. I don't think anyone is really confirmed yet we are still back and forth about a place and what weekend in October. If we can throw a few options out there I will start a poll.
  15. Cool if you figure out when let me know and maybe I can swing down there.
  16. Pull the plug and see if it will crank over without any compression.
  17. Warn, Bottom Line. I went thru a few others but my warn lasted over 5 years of plowing and being under water with no problems at all. Just had to clean and regrease it every few years.
  18. Good Morning Everyone, back from a long weekend of riding.
  19. Welcome to Quad Crazy! Post up a few pics of the new quad!

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