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  1. countrycat.net Also I would install an inline fuel filter to catch anything before it gets to the carb.
  2. Take out the opposite axle and then tap it thru from the other side. Also you can soak it in WD40. A slide hammer also helps.
  3. This is why we went riding after shopping, stress reliever!
  4. I did a spare tire carrier in the 2" reciever and home made skid plates out of 1/4" aluminum, and storage out of ammo cans.
  5. Hey I will take it off your hands no problem. I had kawasaki, can-am, and arctic cat and all had problems with them. I agree though and wiring is some of the most frustrating problems out there. The solution would be to find a friend with the same machine and swap over the cdi and/or coil and see if that makes a diffrence. The voltage regulator and cdi are hard to check and easier to swap out.
  6. It is good to hear you are going to ask permission. Good Luck.
  7. I would download the service manual it should have all of the specs in there.' I wanted to get a responce here so you did not think I was ignoring you but this seems to be a complicated problem. I know on the 650H1s there was a problem with the magnetic pickups on the flywheel and the firing sequence would either be off or no existent. That is a big project to check that so I would start with some of the simple stuff first. Try cleaning the ground wire from the engine. You can also bypass that ground with a pair of jumper cables to see if that helps. Sometimes a coroded or bad ground will keep it from starting. Also make sure you check all of the ignition wiring with a meter not just visual. Hope this helps.
  8. If the winch has a good brake on it that may be a good deal. I picked up one from harbor freight a while ago but had to get a better contactor. Using their remote sucked, now I just use it to get cars up and down on my trailer.
  9. Do you have a buddy with a similar quad where you can swap out the CDIs?
  10. Yep I would track down a gas cap with a vent line. That sould solve that problem. You can even put a fuel filter on the end of the vent line to keep debris out. Also see if the valves are within spec.
  11. Welcome to Quad Crazy. Good luck with the new quad.
  12. I think if you can afford to go up a few ccs it would not hurt. Stay away from the 1000s they have alot more power than is what is needed for the average rider.
  13. I am working on it but I need to track down a 98 service manual. I know they are quite diffrent then the 2000s. All I can say for now is that the newer models have a compression release and/or primer. If the gas is spraying out of the engine it may be coming form the overflow on the bowl. There should be a plastic tube attached to the bottom of the bowl to keep the gas away from the engine. Here is what I suggest to try for now untill I can get some more information on your specific quad. Starting - Your valves may be out of spec and that is causing the hard cold starts. Check the valve clearance. Starting - Replace the spark plug. Starting - Drain and replace the gas and add an inline fuel filter if there is not already one there. Starting - If you feel comfortable doing so give the carb a good cleaning. I have two carberated arctic cats, newer but similar and I never primed them. As for the electric start I would check the fuses and the wiring in the switch on the handlebars. As for the gas tank having to be full, do you have a gravity feed or fuel pump. If it is gravity feed when you drain out the old gas remove the line from the carb and blow out the lines both the supply and vent lines. If there pressure released when you open the gas cap? If it has a fuel pump make sure you can hear the pump working and check for vacuum leaks. I will try and look over the specs for your quad in more detail over the weekend but this gives you some food for thought.
  14. I actually liked watching the vid, it is cool to see what expert trails are like around the USA. Nothing like a new Odyssey Battery ODYSSEY Batteries - Official Manufacturer's Site to go with my favorite warn winch.

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