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Are you new to the site? Where are you from?

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I am located near Lebanon Pennsylvania, USA.  Will be using my Sportsman mostly for hunting and occasional trail riding.  Went through Sault Ste. Marie several years ago on my motorcycle.  I have a friend who lives in Houghton Mi  (on the other side of the  UP.).  And drove up for a visit.  Beautiful country where you live.

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Im Tim, I live in Arkansas great outdoor life here! I am rebuilding a suzuki LT4wd to ride! My last ATV was a suzuki LT160. Small but got me every where with bags of corn, passengers, equipment etc. 

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I'm also new to the site. I live in Gallatin, Tennessee but my shop is in Bethpage, Tennessee in the sticks! We repair vehicles of all types and a bunch of farm equipment, mowers, chainsaws, etc.  Currently riding and fixing up a Kawasaki 220, I have a Honda 450 as well as a bunch of dirt bikes.

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On 5/19/2009 at 11:11 AM, DrtyGrlKristin said:

Just thought I'd start a new thread for newbies to the site! :yes:

If you're new here, tell us who you are, where you're from and what you ride!!! :wink:

Lets get to know each other a little better shall we? :huh:

I'm not new to the site, obviously, but...

I'm Kristin from Denver!!! I ride a 2008 Yamaha Rhino. She's my muddy baby!!!!!! Several aftermarket parts on her. She's good to me! :laugh: We try and ride every weekend. This weekend we're off to MOAB! :biggrin: :woot:


Hello! I’m Shawnna from Tacoma, WA area, I ride a 2007 Honda Recon ES TRX 250. Just started riding and am loving it!  I ride with my brother, nephew and son, we try to go every weekend too! 

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Im Shane Freedom Emerson from Tupelo Ms. and thanks for letting me in the door i own a few 3 wheelers and a couple 4wheelers i buy junked atvs and bring them back to life  so im always needing a little help with things and i have a lott of knowledge about pass builds i have done so thanks have a blessed day. 

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