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  2. Well, looks like my ghost is back after the post below from last fall. Haven't had time to work on her much till this spring, so here's an update. Yes, I've got this old 2000 300KQ running per se'; starting reliably, sounds good and run great for a few seconds, but she kept overflowing the vent hose and flooding pretty fast... So after an in-line filter and multiple cleanings, I decided to throw a Shindy rebuild kit in the carb to try and cure the float valve that seemed to be the issue... Followed everyone's instruction, matching settings, and replaced everything except for the primary ai
  3. First off, let me thank each and every one of you who have posted issues, lessons learned, stories of trial and error, and all things technical that have helped to resurrect my recent addition to the stable... Thanks so much!! But now, the story... So I have a hunting buddy, who bought this 2000 300 KQ new, and put about 1500 miles on it with few issues, and very little maintenance... But about 5 or 6 years ago it quit once while we were riding at Nirvana in Mountain City Tenn, on the same trip where I rolled my 2001 KQ going 1 mph in low down a ridiculous slope and broke my shoulder blade
  4. Hey everyone, my first post, so bare with me, I'm beating my brains in reviving a recently purchased non-running 300 KQ, it's a 2000, and I have a real nice running 2001, and now have an extra set of tires I'd like to mount as spares for both units... Any idea where I can find some rims? Front and back, OEM or aftermarket, just so they are same size as OEM. Don't know if anyone might have a set they could part with? Looking on ebay too, but thought I might check here. Thanks! Curtis

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