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  2. Yes that is the one, There is no quick way to replace them without taking the a-arms off.
  3. You are going to have to take the carb apart and clean it wit compressed air to make sure every fine particle of dirt is out. I worked on one all afternoon tearing it apart 4 times before I got it to work right. As for it accelerating when you close the choke means it is sucking air from somewhere and then stalling out. Make sure you are not missing any parts when you put it back together. Try to get a manual if you can.
  4. No But when the shifter is put into gear the shifter hits the switch that send electricity to the front wheels.
  5. Check the gear shifter because there is an electrial switch that turn the all wheel drive. Check out you tube video under "Polaris all wheel drive not working."
  6. Check the kill switch and the wire going from the kill switch to the terminal board. because it kills the spark to shut down the engine.
  7. I would do a compression check to rule it out.
  8. Bob you need to check the voltage at the battery . should be 12.6 volts. Then from the battery there should be a positive wire going to a regulator and from the regulator a wire going to the starter. Should have same volts going from battery to regulator. Nothing from regulator to starter until you push starter button and the same volts at stater.
  9. Check the wiring for the on ,off switch at the terminal board because the on , off switch kills the spark to kill the engine.
  10. Also check the wire from the starter button on your handlebar to the solenoid to make sure the connection is good.
  11. Sounds like the carb and the floats or fuel line going into the tank. Pull the line off and make sure you have a good flow to the carb. Turn petcock on and off to see. also check the floats when the slide up to the top that they are not sticking at the top and not letting fuel back in to the float bowl.
  12. I woul check the bearings and if are good then the CV joint.
  13. Sounds like a clutch problem to me. Take clutch cover off and inspect the belt and check the clutch.
  14. Stock piston but you need somebody with experiene bore the cylinder out ie 10 0r 20 thousand over and buy the rings to match.
  15. Sounds like the solenoid. Take the starter end of the cable off the solenoid and hold it on the battery side of the solenoid . Make sure you have a good connection and the starter should turn over.Check the ends of the starter and battery cables no frays or corrosition.
  16. My quess is your battery is not putting out 12 volts or more. With a muiltimeter and switched on volts you can check your battery red probe on positive black probe negative Tun ignition switch on and check soleniod with red probe with black probe on negative post of battery, Go to post on starter with red probe and check. Make sure the starter button is pushed in when checking at starter.
  17. There is a phillips screw on top the cylinder to bleed the air out did you try that.

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