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  2. I grew up riding motorcycles and three-wheelers. After 20 years away, I have now moved to the Rocky Mountains and have some amazing country to explore in my backyard. Add a snowplow onto a utility four wheeler (do they call them that?) and I have a great opportunity and excuse to buy a toy that I have wanted for years. Not to mention that my 5 year-old would lose his mind if Dad bought one of these and we started exploring the backroads/4wd roads that are all over my area. That said, I do not want to spend more than $5000+ for this and, so long as it can do some basic snow removal and run reliably, dont mind getting an older model. I have four questions: 1) I feel comfortable maintaining this, but would like an expert to look it over to find any big issues before I buy it. Should I take it to a dealer to have it checked out? This is complicated by my next question . . . 2) Any recommendations on how to bring it home? I do not yet have a truck, trailer or anything to get whatever I buy home. I expect that I will have to borrow/rent a truck, but once it is at my house I can just ride from my house to all of the places I want to go. 3) After pulling out what is available on Craigslist, I think I may want to limit who I talk to to just those that already have a snowplow. This is a must have, so is there anything I should look for? 4) Made it this far? If so, is there anything in the below list that I should definitely check out? I pulled this list from just the past two days of posts on Craigslist and am getting a bit overwhelmed as I have not shopped for one of these, well, ever. 2003 Yamaha Grizzly 660 4x4 w/ Warn Winch & New Tires 2002 Honda TRX 350 LOW HOURS 2008 Polaris 500 Deluxe EFI ATV ******2003 Kawaski Prairie 650 V TWIN***** 1998 honda atv 300 fourtrax (has snowplow!) 2006 Yamaha Kodiak 450 ATV 2007 Yamaha Grizzy 700 ATV 2003 polaris 500 sportsman with snow plow (2) 2013 Polaris Sportsman 500 Tourings 2003 Kawasaki Prairie 650 4X4 Utility ATV with Cargo Racks, 1075 miles And that is just for the past two days . . . so many to choose from, so Im a bit overwhelmed!!!
  3. This seems crazy expensive, though that price includes a winch, ball hitch and snowplow. What do you think?

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