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  2. I recently removed the carb from my buddy's 2004 500 TBX because it was leaking gas out of the overflow. My research led me to believe that the problem was probably due to debris clogging the needle jet and/or main jet. Once I got the carb disassembled I noticed that whoever attempted to fix the problem before me pinched the carb bowl o-ring crushing one corner of it. I couldn't believe how much crud I found in the carb. I cleaned it out with carb cleaner then compressed air. I removed all the jets, but didn't touch the low speed fuel screw or idle adjustment knob even though the manual recommended removing them, because I didn't want to affect the carb settings. Simply unscrewing jets and re-screwing them in shouldn't have affected the carb's settings. I reassembled and reinstalled the carb. I also added an inline fuel filter (can't believe there are 500cc machines out there without fuel filters!!!) to hopefully prevent more debris from entering the carb. The good news is; the fuel leak from the bottom of the carb is gone. The bad news is; now the idle is intermittent. The quad won't idle at all when cold, then once it warms up, it will idle for a while then slowly begin to sputter until it stalls. I tried adjusting the idle up with the adjustment knob on the carb, but that seemed to have no effect until, very suddenly, the idle would climb very high (too high). I should mention that I rode the quad around my property for 15 minutes and it rides great. The only problem is at idle. There is no bogging or any fuel delivery / fuel mixture issues when riding. I have considered that by adding an inline fuel filter to a gravity feed system, I've introduced too much resistance, although the filter is one of the least resistance filters I've ever seen. Before I connected it to the carb, I turned the fuel knob to the "on" position and gas flowed out of the filter very quickly, so I doubt that is the problem. Any thoughts? Anyways, the carb sealed, even with the mangled bowl o-ring, but my buddy wanted me to order another one anyways. It will be here Monday. At that time I'm going to remove the carb again and replace the o-ring. I looked at the service manual, Section 11 (Troubleshooting) for "poor idle". Since I just serviced the carb, I'm going to start my examination there. According to the service manual there are 3 areas of the carb that could cause a poor idle. They are: 1. Clogged jets. I will check those again when I'm replacing the o-ring. 2. Float Out of Adjustment - Section 4 of the service manual says, "NOTE: Check float arm height by placing the carburetor on its side w/float contacting the needle; then measure with a caliper the height when the float arm is in contact with the needle valve. Float arm height should be 17 mm (0.7 in.)." Could someone explain exactly where I'm supposed to be measuring from and to, preferably with a picture? Is it from the top of the float to the carb body? I'm not sure exactly where this 0.7" dimension should be measured. Another issue, if the float height is out of spec, nowhere in the manual does it tell you how to adjust the float height. In section 11 (Troubleshooting), it tells you to adjust the float height, but nowhere tells you HOW to adjust float height. Can someone tell me how to adjust the float height? 3. Improper Pilot Screw (Low Speed Fuel Screw) Setting - Again, Section 4 of the manual (Carbs) says, "NOTE: Turn the low speed fuel screw clockwise until it is lightly seated; then turn it counterclockwise the recommended number of turns as an initial setting." That's great and all, but does anyone know what the recommended number of turns are? Again, the quad idled fine before I took off the carb. Does anyone have any thoughts other than what I have come up with? The main thing I am looking for here is how to measure the float height (0.7"), how to adjust the float height and the initial number of counterclockwise turns of the low speed fuel screw. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill Granger
  3. Does anyone have an '04 500 TBX that they can pull a fuel line before the carb off quickly any measure the inside diameter? Getting that dimension will allow me to buy a fuel filter before my buddy brings the ATV to my house next week. Let me know. Thanks, Bill
  4. I am going to help a buddy with his 2004 Arctic Cat 500 TBX next week. I don't own a ATV, but am a pretty good mechanic and have been working on my own dirt bikes, road bikes, cars, trucks and small engine equipment (mowers, tractors, leaf blowers, chain saws, etc.) my whole life. I haven't brought anything to a shop for anything but tires in about 20 years. I am very confident I can do the job. The problem is, when at idle, gas flows out of the overflow at the bottom of the carb. From my research on the internet, I know the cause is probably either; 1. (less likely) mis-adjusted float height (should be adjusted to 17mm). or 2. (more likely) debris between the needle valve and the seat. My plan is to remove the carb, dissassemble, check the float height and give it a thorough cleaning. My problem is my buddy lives 100 miles from me and is just going to trailer the quad to my house the day I'm going to work on it and wait while I fix it. So, I'm not going to get a chance to examine the quad before I dig in. I know, from my research that the '04 500 TBX does not have a fuel filter and it is a good idea to have one. Problem is, without being able to look at the quad ahead of time, I have no idea what size the fuel line is. The closest parts store is quite a distance from me, so I'd like to have all of the parts before he arrives. My specific questions are: 1. When disassembling and reassembling the '04 500 TBX carb, do I need any new gaskets or O-rings or can I re-use what is on there? 2. Since the '04 500 TBX does not come with a fuel filter, could someone please give me a SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATION (i.e., Fram F5432, Purolator Z657, etc.) of a fuel filter that I can simply splice in the middle of the existing fuel line? Keep in mind, I am asking these questions because I will not actually get to see the quad until it is time to work on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill

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