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  2. I recently removed the carb from my buddy's 2004 500 TBX because it was leaking gas out of the overflow. My research led me to believe that the problem was probably due to debris clogging the needle jet and/or main jet. Once I got the carb disassembled I noticed that whoever attempted to fix the problem before me pinched the carb bowl o-ring crushing one corner of it. I couldn't believe how much crud I found in the carb. I cleaned it out with carb cleaner then compressed air. I removed all the jets, but didn't touch the low speed fuel screw or idle adjustment knob even though the manual recom
  3. Does anyone have an '04 500 TBX that they can pull a fuel line before the carb off quickly any measure the inside diameter? Getting that dimension will allow me to buy a fuel filter before my buddy brings the ATV to my house next week. Let me know. Thanks, Bill
  4. I am going to help a buddy with his 2004 Arctic Cat 500 TBX next week. I don't own a ATV, but am a pretty good mechanic and have been working on my own dirt bikes, road bikes, cars, trucks and small engine equipment (mowers, tractors, leaf blowers, chain saws, etc.) my whole life. I haven't brought anything to a shop for anything but tires in about 20 years. I am very confident I can do the job. The problem is, when at idle, gas flows out of the overflow at the bottom of the carb. From my research on the internet, I know the cause is probably either; 1. (less likely) mis-adjusted float heigh

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