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  1. Here's a little video I made about what the Wisconsin ATV / UTV Association, Inc. is. If you're looking for all the trail maps, club news etc. Here's a good source of information. Filmed this at the Green Bay sports show last year (sorry it was windy so the audio has some wind). WATVA helped get many of the clubs started, assisted many clubs with meetings / land access and they do a lot of legislative work to help keep our trails expanding in Wisconsin. If you have any questions about WATVA, jump on over to their facebook page and PM them. See ya on the trails!
  2. The Wisconsin ATV / UTV Association held it's annual VIP Ride this past September at the Dyracuse Recreation Park in the Town of Rome, WI. Aside from some crazy wind, it was a great day! [ame] [/ame]
  3. We made Trail Town as a side product of our mapping products. The concept is simple.. list the businesses that are actually on the trail to help riders figure out where they can rest, eat and play while out on the trails. This program launched a few weeks ago with great results so far. We want to know what you think though... Along with the listings, maps and videos we also allow riders to send in their own reviews of the places we post. The businesses listed can also claim their listing and update pictures and info. SO far we started with ATV since we also run www.watva.org and it goes hand in hand. A portion of the Trail Town listing actually goes to make the business part of WATVA too, helping fuel more riding area creation and a stronger information network. It also sparked a new web show called Riding Adventures Today which includes all the trail town videos for a place we visit but also trail info, product reviews and other neat things you'll want to check out when at a location. Below are a few clips to give you an idea of what it is about Pineland Camping Park | ATV UTV Trail Town Listing [video=youtube;8xZUCNndZdo] Again, Trail Town is being made to help riders plan trips and mark locations to visit along the way. We are still working on the site and adding new locations every day. See more at - Trail Town Facebook Riding Adventures Today Facebook
  4. The Wisconsin ATV Assoc. made this cool statewide map that people can use to see all the trails in one spot. I helps plan trips / find camping etc. and it also has all the routes on it. I know this has been a massive undertaking taking years to make happen and the maps are now for sale for $8 on their site. Here is a picture -
  5. Howdy, just joined this forum and thought Id say Hi. We help get riding areas going, do insurance and risk management and do everything we can to help open more riding areas / tracks / facilities / clubs. Hope to see ya out on the trail!

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