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    One of the few mx tracks us quads get to ride and race at here in the PNW. Love my Quadcross Northwest family!
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    My 2000 Yamaha Wolverine parked right below a giant tree spider on a trail in the North woods of Maine!
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    Doing some winter time riding on tracks up in the mountains of Utah.
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    We use quads all the time. Even our grand children use them. Seen here, left to right, Isabel, George, Pasquale, and Mia, get ready for a run through our vineyard.
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    From the album: My HONDA

    I've had this 2003 Recon for 6 weeks. I replaced all four tires with stock sized tires. Kenda Bear Claws up front with Maxxis Zillas at th rear. I love the combination! 😎
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    Breaking up some ice with the King Quad..
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    TEAM BUBBA Rides....

    © TBr

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    13 of my best friends on New Years Day 2017 !! Great way to start off the year
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    I am a college student who owns a Kawasaki KFX450r and a Kawasaki Bayou 300. Whenever I come home to visit, the first thing I do is take my hat off and shoes off and throw on my helmet, my riding shoes, start my quad, and go for a 3-4 hour ride along the river. She has kept me happy when times seemed gloomy and the scenery never fails to warm the heart.

    © Tyler Baxter

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    We did this the last 2 years in our neighborhood. My Yamaha Grizzly towing the trailer it rides on with some hay. Kids get some fun.
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    hard starter, never ran 100%, i think it needed rings right when I bought her, sold her years ago
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    The 2018 Can-Am off-road vehicle family includes new performance levels, specialized packages and exceptional value. © BRP 2017 172hp and 120hp turbocharged 2018 Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicles Can-Am SSV families receive refinements, new packages and more value Specialty ATV packages for performance, hunting and snow-belt enthusiasts
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    From the album: Buck Creek Ridge

    The reservoir a little earlier in the year
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    From the album: Buck Creek Ridge

    No matter where we look it's beatiful
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    this is myself on a ride with a friend , when we went thru alogging de-activation , which is when they take out the bridge they built to cross acreek to haul out logs, then they de-act it by taking out the bridge, as you can see we are using rocks to lift up my atv to get the tire off, this is a great ride up in mtns. around kitimat B.C.. canada
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    The Lost Trails ATV Park in Dunmore Pa. It is a 2000 foot overlook named the Top Of The World. Kinda scary, where the dirt ends and the green starts is 2000 feet straight down.
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    john and marg crossing a creek on the ride, if it was a little deeper , we would not try it
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    Polaris ATV trying to get over an old VW Bug (Herbie)!
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