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  2. What state are you located in and why 400ex or 250 since there such different motors? Do you have anything to trade or you looking at straight cash payment
  3. the noise you described might have something to do with the snorkel , that is if you never herd the noise be for you added the snorkel. ive herd a popping noise twice . first time i herd a noise like that was from abuddies rubicon after he wrecked it hard. it was the front end some were in the drive line was popping when he turned the wheels. but that wasnt hard to figure out cause the whole front end was completly trashed on the count of him running his 4wheeler of the end of a train trussel . the other time i herd popping was from my friends foreman when he was trying to make his own exhaust, and that was because he had to much back pressure from running to small exhaust , which resulted was major engine failure , threw the rod out the bottom of block and then some. maybe that snorkel is to restrictive cause n some kind of detonation issues , are you shur its a pop not a rod knocking?
  4. i dont sappose you still need a motor do u?
  5. first things first i gotta say what up to everyone on here and to all you im a newbie on here so if this topic has been coverd my bad. im a first time owner of atvs. i just bought a 400ex. its got a bigbore kit lots of aftermarket mods to engine like cam etc. so i got a good deal i guess cause i bought it broke. this how it was explained to me , less then six hour s ride time on mods . guy goes out on pavement with new razr tires on the rear throws the coals to her in second gear goes to grab for third while the front end comes up and he said it went BANG all the sudden there is no drive from trans, or front sproket /output shaft. anyone ever here of this before? any help would be greatly appreciated .

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