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  1. and thank you for writing all that stuff...future problems might bring this up haha.
  2. 2008 suzuki ltr 450 will only start when i have the battery charger on it, and then the quad turns off when i take the charger off.
  3. his dad rebuilds it for him. and he knows wat hes doing...i think? lol. but he rides the piss out of it, so that could be why it blows up all the time.
  4. my friend has a crf 250 and its blown up 5 times already...
  5. you should probably check those valves and the piston. hondas have been known to blow up, then your out $1000
  6. Austin-Skittle-Skeet-Bamf-Schneider (Austin Schneider) | MySpace.com add me =]
  7. trany oil? haha.....i kid! hopefully u did that already
  8. that video is soooo bad ass! what movie editor did u use?
  9. Ya just like dirtdemon said dont worry about hurting any ones feelings. i knew u wer just messing around. and its fun to do that, so keep it up
  10. This same thing happened to my dirt bike. I don't know if the solution could be the same though. But all i did was take my carb off and thoroughly clean it with carb cleaner and paper towel, and i put a new spark plug in it. Try that out and see if it works.
  11. looks prettty bad ass. i think imma get it =D
  12. everyone likes a quik suckie =P
  13. i think u can live with pulling the clutch in to start yur quad...
  14. i highly recomend putting a 1988 honda cr 500 engine in ther.
  15. orrrr. sell it and buy a quad that is liquid cooled

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