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  2. That's awesome! Mine is still down for now. Someone said that since I bought the valve cover for my 200s separate from the head, that the journals may not be to spec and binding a bit. That may be so, but it's not real difficult to start, so I'm not sure. The head was leaking (like before). So still have to get that off of there and see if it needs to be resurfaced or not. Then get my 2 OEM gaskets and slap it back together!
  3. Yeah It finally started to read correct. It was a little warm when I changed it initially, so that probably was the reason I put too much. I also pulled the starter (not sure if that was even needed). But I let some out and let it sit over night and it seems to be good!
  4. Ok so I changed the oil in my KLF185. I waited until it was cold to do it too. I drained the oil , cleaned the filter and then poured the new oil in until the oil was 1/2 way between the marks. I gave it about 5 pulls and the oil level went down so I put a little more in. Then I would ride awhile and the window would show full (too much over the max) So I waited until it was cold again and then let out enough oil to get 1/2 way. Today I was riding and it frickin show full (window) and then low sometimes... What gives?
  5. Yeah the head is leaking oil. I'm just going to get another gasket set. I'm going to get a straight edge first though and see if it's noticeably warped. If not, going to clean it better, do a dry fit and see if I can get my .002 '' feeler gauge between the gasket and jug or the gasket/head. Shouldn't be too bad. Go to Kawasaki.com -> Owner Info -> Parts Diagrams. On that page, put in your VIN and it should bring up your bikes info. You'll be able to browse OE parts they still carry, Service Manual and etc. They had stuff for my '85 Bayou (ordered an OE air filter element).
  6. You can right click on that little image icon and select 'copy image url' or whatever. Then paste it into the navigation text box and it will go to it.
  7. Awesome! I have an '85 Honda 200s. It runs, but the head is leaking. I'm going to tear it back down and see if it's warped or not. You can get OE parts from Kawi probably (I know it's expensive). Ebay works out sometimes.
  8. I know this is old, but I hate seeing 0 reply threads. The machine looks in decent shape. But by its self, only worth ~600/700 max. Will all the other stuff, I would try to get him down to 450/550 for the bike and if the wench and plow are in 'great' shape, 300 for the both. So 800 to start, no higher than say 975ish. Or just tell 'em to keep the darn wench and plow lol. Check the atv over well though. See if it has any gunk built up on the engine (oil). See if it idles good, if the battery has been maintained. The air filter is in good shape. All the lights work. When you get it to operating temp see if it leaks any oil (and how bad). Make sure it doesn't smoke. Etc... See if they are using quality oil (all you can do is ask really). Check the front end components for any damage. Good clutches and etc. All these things can help negotiate the price down to your budget range. So 800 - 975 and negotiate down further for any problems you see with the above list.
  9. What manufacturer/model trike do you have?
  10. Was it running good prior to the gas getting in the oil (carb failing)? You'd have to check the service manual for specs on the carburetor's innards.
  11. I'm new to the ATV scene for sure. Was too poor growing up to afford one. A guy down the road had a little Kawasaki '85 185 for sale, wanted 700. Talked him down to 540 and off I went. I have an ATC200s I've been working on, off and on, for a while now. So the basics I'm aware of. I groomed the quad doing the usual maintenance you would need to do to expect a longer lifespan: Change air filter, spark plug, oil, alignment,battery. There is a small oil leak somewhere. Probably going to give the engine a good scrubbing so I can identify where it's coming from. I went down to the pipeline with my kiddos and we had a blast. That's really what I got it for, to have fun with the kids. I'm with you on the older bikes. Drop ~500 bucks, spend about ~100 cleaning it up, and you have a bike that will last a long time.
  12. Now that grease goes between the metal of the mesh cage and the air box plastic? Or the end of the foam and the plastic wire cage? Here is the schematic: http://www.partzilla.com/parts/search/Kawasaki/ATV/1985/KLF185-A1+Bayou+185/AIR+CLEANER/parts.html
  13. Cool, thanks for the info. Oil filter grease it is! I'm going to go hunt down the VIN right now. Thanks again!
  14. Yeah the previous owner had a DPR7EA (9?) in there. Calls for D8EA or DR9EA... So I guess I'll use the 8. Also, the air filter was completely rotted. So I'll be swinging by the parts store to get another. Can you just use Bearing Grease to make the seal between the carb and the filter cage?

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