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Do you wear your ring?

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I usually ride with my wedding set on but did have a bad experience. I had gloves on and I guess when I pulled the glove off, it jerked my $1,000 diamond out of my ring. I of course didn't notice this had happened for a while. So it cost a chucn of change to replace it. So ladies, just be extra careful. Now I usually just don't wear gloves when I ride.

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Guest Mrs_Senator
Hi Ladies,

I am new to the forum and to riding. I just bought a 2002 Honda 400ex and I love it. I went out riding for the first time last Sunday and I can't wait to get back out there on Saturday. My question is do you wear your wedding/engagement rings while riding? I just recently got engaged and I never take my ring off. It fits fine under my glove and I am wondering if anyone else has lost theirs or had a bad experience wearing it while riding.

I never wear mine riding. You only get one chance to lose it but an infinite number of chances to take it off ;)

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I never word a ring when I was a mechanic, but I now wear a silicone ring all the time except on special occasions and then I put my good one on.

At one of the car dealerships I worked at a young guy got married. When he came into the shop after the honeymoon, he had on a gorgeous ring.  I told him to remove it for safety reasons, but he said "I will never take if off because it is a token of the commitment to my wife".  To make a long story short, before the week was out he accidentally grounded a wrench (which was touching his ring) between the terminals of a battery and destroyed the ring and give himself a third degree burn. 

I had a neighbor farmer who pulled the end off his finger when getting his rind caught on a through bolt on the bed of a grain truck when he jumped off the  side.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your spouse would rather you not wear the ring doing certain things than you having no finger to put it on.


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I would suggest to the ladies to leave their engagement rings at home when  out riding . As others have mentioned  it's too easy  to lose the  stone(s) out  of engagement rings,whether you wear gloves or not. Nobody in their right mind wears  rings in the mechanical  and electrical  trades while on the  job , and nobody should wear them  when  doing anything recreationally where there is a  chance of snagging or shorting out their  ring. It's far too easy to end up  with no ring......or finger.

By all  means ,  wear your  rings  socially  but  leave them  home when  out riding or camping.


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