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  2. I'm looking for a service manual for a 1994 Suzuki king quad 4 wheel drive , any help is appreciated
  3. it turned out to be the reverse switch, the neutral side of switch was broken 60 bucks for new switch and it works fine
  4. it is definitely the oil temp light. I believe the quad is air cooled. gonna try new filter and oil see if that helps . any other suggestions?
  5. sorry it is the oil temp light that comes on
  6. my 94 king quad300, the oil lights comes on after riding for an hour or so, the oil is full of 10/40 . light goes out after 10 minutes or so after shut down , any ideas. I love this forum, lots of info and helpful people
  7. thanks, im gonna be removing starter soon as it only clicks when I try it even when neutral light is on I will check then and tips on changing the starter
  8. my 94 king quad 300 has a neutral light. sometimes it is on sometimes it is off even when in neutral. could this be the neutral safety switch? any ideas
  9. my sons buddy wants to buy a 2001 bayou 220, anything he should look for? I figured this was best place to ask, he is paying 750, is that good
  10. I have a 1994 king quad, it idles high and backfires when I shut it off. it runs great when in any gear and idle seems fine in gear. it sat for about 2 years before I bought it, I changed sparkplug and added new gas and it fired up. any suggestions
  11. any idea where I can legally ride quad in massachusettes
  12. I am looking or best and hopefully cheapest place to by parts, body and engine , for my quad. it is just for kid to ride for fun, ok also for me to ride for fun
  13. just found this site seems awesome. I just bought a 1994 Suzuki king quad 300. im looking for a service manual and any advice on the quad. brakes seems fine just put new battery in it and im hoping it starts, plenty of compression in engine . any advice would be great. what type oil do I use and where does it go on engine

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